The Aviva method

Recently, I have been spending a few good hours reading random blogs and getting inspired for the creation of mine. One of them stroke an inner chord, written from a woman and having the courage to put all her inner frustrations out there. Kudos, respect to her. It got more interesting as I was kept reading her blog, we had the same interest. Feeling the need to be one with ourselves, our feminine side.
Yoga, keeping a journal, walking out in open space are some of the tools that I use in order to feel grounded, whole and happy. Now, thanks to that fellow blogger I am on a new journey: researching on the Aviva (Steiner) method and see what it can do for me.

It is extremely interesting how women react to the word: fruitful, fertile. There’s always a weirdly invisible relationship to us, women and these words. They have a special, individual connotation and that’s the beauty of it.

Fruitful is about embracing every facet of ourselves, letting fear go…..on to the journey of becoming complete, to whatever that might entail for every woman.


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