Looking at the bright side of life…or perhaps not



I’ve noticed that it is so easy to find inspirational messages to get us through the day, week or whatever hurdle we need to overcome. I love to read inspirational quotes, posts. Encouraging words, always including the words “you”, “better”, “self”….looking at the glass half full instead of half empty is part of the life/happiness equation. The other half, I’ve discovered, lies in the “dark”, “unpleasant” experience we are so eager to delete from our hearts and memories and move on….alas.

Like the corrective white material we use for a typo that allows us to make the necessary correction, gives us a second chance, to prove that we can do things better, error-less. But underneath, there’s always that typo reminding us, we actually  had to remove something in order to substitute it with something better, improved, correct, use whatever word you may.  I am not sure how self-help works if one moves on with all the positive light they can get unless they embrace that tiny or sometimes not so tiny dark spot of bother. Sometimes, it’s necessary to start afresh. And sometimes doing that, we actually might cancel whatever learning curve would allow us to feel wiser and at peace ( at some point).

Why all these lines, did I get wise and want to teach others? Perhaps the overload of all this positive attitude about life, leaves little room in my heart to really understand beyond the surface of as a holistic doctor would say “imbalance” rather than “wrong”, “bad”, “not good”.

Life is balance and imbalance…..the yin and the yang. Inspiration is us, after all the quotes we love to read are pearls of wisdom of people….like us, that have the power to embrace everything. A skill we all yet have to master.


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