Mindfulness Meditation


I’ve been wanting to get back to mediation and feel its benefits for a while now, but I’ve also been a major procrastinator. Work, feeling tired and hungry after work, cold weather were good reasons enough to choose my sofa over meditation.

But I guess, we all reach that point when stagnation is unbearable, something needs to be done and then voilà, we make that step towards goodness (whatever that maybe for everyone).

Yesterday, consciously, I chose to be active on my day off: spend the whole day outside. A good trick to keep me motivated for long walks, fresh air and some much needed sun rays. I met a friend for lunch at the other side of the city and I actually enjoyed the long ride with the 2 buses that I had to take to reach her place. A brisk walk close to the lake with my friend, then back to the city and getting ready for the meditation class. I was amazed to notice that as a child I used to spend so much time outdoors and that made me happy….I need to do that more often….

About Mindfulness Meditation: as Ela, our wonderful instructor said, it is “training of mental attention that awakens us beyond the conditioned mind and habitual thinking. Mindfulness meditation is a skill training to build fit minds and to learn how to use our inner resources.”

The class started by sharing inspirational quotes. Mine was “become who you really are” no more pretending, self-punishing, trying to fit socially, professionally and feel more rejected than accepted, embrace being different. Other quotes that were mentioned that evening contributed to one universal truth, long forgotten by me, at least: we, human beings, are social beings, so why do we isolate ourselves from others?

I’m in a country that I don’t speak fluently the language (Swiss German) and for the first time, in that group, I was part of a small community, synchronizing my breath, my full intention to be one with myself again. Breathing, is an essential part of meditation. I had also forgotten how to breathe….As I now say, breathing is movement, movement is change, change is necessary….

I am so grateful for last evening, wonderful people, amazing insights, sharing of energy…..

I’d love to know what makes or keeps you happy these days, and if you have tried meditation.

Don’t hold back, share.


5 thoughts on “Mindfulness Meditation

    • Trees do make us happy! Try to spend sometime outside frequently….let the inner child tell you more….

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