Acidic vs. Alakaline body, which one would you rather?

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I have heard these two words very often but I was too busy with other things to pay attention. Until the right moment came, and started experimenting with my food. It is almost a month that I have adjusted my eating habits to an alkaline diet, the results? Not huge difference, but evenly distributed energy throughout the day, allowing me to do things and be more active.

If you:

-are feeling exhausted, constantly tired or feeling drained after doing light physical activities

-your skin is irritated, flaky, dry, prone to acne or eczema

-have very often stiff muscles, painful back, migraines or headaches

-your teeth is very sensitive to very hot or very cold food or drinks

-you have tendency to feel cold

-you suffer from insomnia

then it might well be that your body is more on the acidic than the alkaline scale. How can you tell? The first step is to test the saliva and the urine easily with Ph strips. The second step is to be aware of the foods you consume, are they alkaline or acidic? For instance, coffee, sugar, meat are very acidic and potatoes, bananas, almonds or broccoli are alkaline. Small adjustments to your diet, enough water are the most important things to transform the body to an alkalizing machine.

Acidity, means acidic body carrying lots of toxins. And with an acidic habitual diet that spans over the years our bodies (may) complain.

Recently, I have been reading the Acid-Alkaline Diet by Dr. Vasey who claims that our nutrition plays a major role to our well-being and health.

I am not sure whether this is the result of my alkaline diet, but my stiff neck is history, migraines are now a thing of the past (and I do hope it stays so!), my sensitive skin is slightly pink and I feel less tired. This can be attributed to the other experiment I have been undertaking with my diet: quitting sugar (acidic group of foods) and staying gluten-free for almost a month. If I imagined myself 4 weeks ago that I would be sugar-free, gluten-free, or eating alkaline I would say that this is way too much, definitely this is the case of ” health freak”!

The key is to make small steps, small adjustments that you can pick up as your new habits without forcing anything. Going gently is another key factor to becoming healthier.

If you are tired of being tired, inflamed (inner or outer inflammation), achy or just curious to see how would you feel if you followed an alkaline diet, then go ahead and try it. I am taking each day as a new journey, so today it was the day to acknowledge the importance of feeling healthy, happy, energetic and pain-free.

I’d love to know if some of you have tried eating alkaline and what the outcome was/ is for you.


Learning about Earthing and its benefits


Do you remember how you felt the last time you walked barefoot in the park, on the beach or in your garden? Probably wonderful.

Are you one of those that love to walk barefoot in your house or just hate shoes and socks and you’d rather feel the ground under your feet? Then probably, you are practising Earthing whitouth knowing it.

I came across Earthing from my Aviva instructor, recently. She sent me a book about it, and I have to say, the title was intriguing. The book mentions that humans are designed to spend their lives outdoors thus getting recharged by nature. Unfortunately, we confine ourselves in our flats, offices or other indoors spaces and that depletes our immune system, impacting our mental and emotional state.

Earthing is a simple way to recharge our batteries, feel postive and happy again. How? By connecting to mother Earth and feeling better. Try to go barefoot for half an hour and you will notice that your energy is higher, you are more relaxed and happy. Why? bare feet making contact with earth thus we are getting recharged from our planet’s energy. I knew that talking long walks on the beach barefoot was and still is something that grounds me and makes me feel better inside out. I just didn’t know that I was practicing earthing.

The books suggests that we can sit, stand or walk on grass, dirt, sand or concrete which are all conductive surfaces from which our body can draw the Earth’s energy. Non-conductive surfaces are wood, asphalt and vinyl.

Now that it’s Summer, I get every day the opportunity to walk barefoot and feel happy, relaxed. For me it is a type of meditation, being aware of the surface my feet touch with every step. What is even more interesting, my cat lives with us in our flat but becomes an entirely different cat when she spends  a few hours outdoors!

I’d love to know how many of you out there love walking barefoot and why you do it!

Share your experience with me.


Cloudy mind, unecessary confusion


It’s true, we live with a million voices in our head, telling us what to think, do, not do, say, not say……we become numb to the point we hear what we would like to hear or what we think we hear. Where does all this confusion come from? Did we, ourselves, create a fuzzy head and we should take responsibility for it or is it the way people live nowadays?

I started to question my own wishes, expectations or the stubbornness and energy I put into what I believe is the right thing for me at a given situation. Well, sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s not and then I question what went wrong.

Wrong and right, good and bad, words we use every day creating tension already from the moment we utter these words. Words affect our emotions therefore, use them wisely.

Lately, I had been dealing with clouded thoughts, unclear wishes and vacant goals….when all we let all the unnecessary things that cloud our mind fade we are left with only one clear voice, ours! It’s a process that has no time limitations, feels like it takes ages….until we do have a clear mind, thoughts, goals.

Recently I started exercising to silence my mind and help my body heal….my only commitment was to dedicate 30 minutes twice a week for doing something different. My body thanked me some days later….then it hit me: focusing to one thing at a time creates the necessary space to do what we are supposed to (heal, think, decide, discover something new, etc.).

Cloudy mind= unnecessary confusion. My intention is to focus more to my inner voice, now, this moment. A conscious decision triggered by mindfulness.

Clash of the Titans or better clash of the sexes?

conflict pattern

How do really men and women think? How do they perceive love and being in a relationship? These days that’s a total mystery to me, if there was ever a manual on relationships, I would buy it and probably burn it, as there’s never a set of rules for navigating through a healthy relationship.

All the self-help books I have read are just a tiny fragment of the reality for most couples, and then there is a plethora of services that one could think of for helping the Titans or better say Men and Women to stop clashing and start living a healthy and happy life.

It would be incorrect to say that men think like “this” and women like “that” as then it would be stereotyped and then forever labelled as such. So, how do couples overcome conflicts? Mostly it’s a clash of Egos, if nothing else. Who’s right,  who’s even more right, but then when someone feels mistreated, misjudged or misled….

Greek mythology is an excellent example of the feminine and masculine element. Devious Godesses getting what they wanted from their “victims” with their superhuman powers and powerful Gods getting what they wanted once they set their eyes on a beautiful woman. This internal game of power is so ancient as my female DNA identity.

So how does one avoid clashing with their other half? Trying to “fix” things is the couples’ majority motto. And here it is folks, take it from me, there’s not a quick “fix”, a solution….there’s only compromising-in the healthiest possible way- self-respecting and guess what, a thing called honesty or for others L O V E.

Is it nature’s law to bring humans to this clashing stage? Do you believe it is healthy to clash with your other half as a way of internal emotional release? Personally, clashes of the sexes gives me insomnia-pondering and wondering why there’s clashing in the first place- depression, and mood swings. What is interesting to me, couples are like the seasons: Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter, they go through the never-ending cycle of seasons. Thunderstorms, hale, rain are meant to happen. Now I know this. Accepting is half way of the truth, I say. Surviving these conditions is the other part.

Making peace is a difficult process, as Egos are involved, wishes and expectations. Who sets the norms to these? We, or they are imprinted to our cells and growing up we are reminded of them?

Existential questions for myself the above.

Learning about Oil Pulling


Living a healthy, happy life has always been a goal of mine. This quest triggered my curiosity to discover ways that I could keep my body healthy and my mind cloud-free: pcos, skin rashes, headaches and migraines, just to give an indication of my health profile.

Yoga, going vegetarian, doing homeopathy, trying acupuncture and herbal formulas, going for mayan massage (abdominal massage) led me to my own personal quest for feeling good and most of all happy being me.

Researching things, is part of who I am and the best thing to learn is actually:

a. experiment and see what goes and what goes not.

b. study more (take a course) on what you find useful for yourself. For me, it was going deeper to systems that existed thousand years ago, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine where the disorder or ‘imbalance’ of the mind and body was actually a sign that the whole system had to be redirected back to healthy functioning and not the ‘imbalanced’ organ/s.

I learnt a lot by taking an Ayurveda massage course however, the irony is sometimes you reach a dead-end so you have to look closer and perhaps start over again.

Accidentally, while researching on the topic of alkaline diet, I came across a very interesting topic: oil pulling. Even the title got me really curious, so obviously it was worth of doing extra research.

It’s actually oil swishing, an ancient technique with roots in Ayurveda that detoxifies the body gently but thoroughly. I started with oil pulling last Monday. The first thing I noticed is a sense of well-being after finishing the swishing followed by whiter teeth, fresh breath and in general a feeling of being clean inside out.

Cold pressed coconut oil is what I am using, and what is even more interesting when I applied locally some coconut oil, my eczema started to fade. Is this too good to be true? Am I overreacting because it’s exciting to try new things to feel better and healthier? I will carry on with oil pulling for a while and come back to the topic later.

A curious mind, this time on oil pulling!

It’s time to be me

unwind with tea

unwind with tea

A week and a half passed since I started practising daily mindfulness and I noticed that it’s high time I pay more attention to the inner voice. The habitual mechanism that we all develop to survive each day is so complex, interesting and yet sometimes misleading. Why misleading? Do we have full awareness when acting upon automatic pilot behaviour? Most likely, not.

So, I experimented today with my own habitual mechanism. Usually, after work, my brain is wired in a way that tells me it’s time to take the bus, go home and spend time with my partner and my cat. Instead, I noticed the urge to do something different, break the habitual routine. Rainy day, me wanting to not go home….instead I ended up in a cool sushi bar, enjoying lunch on my own. It felt as a great self reward, and it was one indeed!

Spending time with myself every now and then, gives me a sense of renewal; taking the time to do something only for us gives us the ability to be ourselves, hence the title of today’s blog entry.

It doesn’t need to be an activity that requires spending cash to feel good, it doesn’t need to be forced either (doing something different for the sake of doing it). For me today, it was just a quiet, delicious lunch at a sushi bar giving me the opportunity to unwind by fully enjoying all the flavours and colours of my dishes, time to observe quietly the surrounding environment. I was exactly there, nowhere else mentally, all the more relaxing.

It’s time to be me, it’s time to be me more often until there’s only me and nothing else.