It’s time to be me

unwind with tea

unwind with tea

A week and a half passed since I started practising daily mindfulness and I noticed that it’s high time I pay more attention to the inner voice. The habitual mechanism that we all develop to survive each day is so complex, interesting and yet sometimes misleading. Why misleading? Do we have full awareness when acting upon automatic pilot behaviour? Most likely, not.

So, I experimented today with my own habitual mechanism. Usually, after work, my brain is wired in a way that tells me it’s time to take the bus, go home and spend time with my partner and my cat. Instead, I noticed the urge to do something different, break the habitual routine. Rainy day, me wanting to not go home….instead I ended up in a cool sushi bar, enjoying lunch on my own. It felt as a great self reward, and it was one indeed!

Spending time with myself every now and then, gives me a sense of renewal; taking the time to do something only for us gives us the ability to be ourselves, hence the title of today’s blog entry.

It doesn’t need to be an activity that requires spending cash to feel good, it doesn’t need to be forced either (doing something different for the sake of doing it). For me today, it was just a quiet, delicious lunch at a sushi bar giving me the opportunity to unwind by fully enjoying all the flavours and colours of my dishes, time to observe quietly the surrounding environment. I was exactly there, nowhere else mentally, all the more relaxing.

It’s time to be me, it’s time to be me more often until there’s only me and nothing else.


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