Learning about Oil Pulling


Living a healthy, happy life has always been a goal of mine. This quest triggered my curiosity to discover ways that I could keep my body healthy and my mind cloud-free: pcos, skin rashes, headaches and migraines, just to give an indication of my health profile.

Yoga, going vegetarian, doing homeopathy, trying acupuncture and herbal formulas, going for mayan massage (abdominal massage) led me to my own personal quest for feeling good and most of all happy being me.

Researching things, is part of who I am and the best thing to learn is actually:

a. experiment and see what goes and what goes not.

b. study more (take a course) on what you find useful for yourself. For me, it was going deeper to systems that existed thousand years ago, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine where the disorder or ‘imbalance’ of the mind and body was actually a sign that the whole system had to be redirected back to healthy functioning and not the ‘imbalanced’ organ/s.

I learnt a lot by taking an Ayurveda massage course however, the irony is sometimes you reach a dead-end so you have to look closer and perhaps start over again.

Accidentally, while researching on the topic of alkaline diet, I came across a very interesting topic: oil pulling. Even the title got me really curious, so obviously it was worth of doing extra research.

It’s actually oil swishing, an ancient technique with roots in Ayurveda that detoxifies the body gently but thoroughly. I started with oil pulling last Monday. The first thing I noticed is a sense of well-being after finishing the swishing followed by whiter teeth, fresh breath and in general a feeling of being clean inside out.

Cold pressed coconut oil is what I am using, and what is even more interesting when I applied locally some coconut oil, my eczema started to fade. Is this too good to be true? Am I overreacting because it’s exciting to try new things to feel better and healthier? I will carry on with oil pulling for a while and come back to the topic later.

A curious mind, this time on oil pulling!


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