Clash of the Titans or better clash of the sexes?

conflict pattern

How do really men and women think? How do they perceive love and being in a relationship? These days that’s a total mystery to me, if there was ever a manual on relationships, I would buy it and probably burn it, as there’s never a set of rules for navigating through a healthy relationship.

All the self-help books I have read are just a tiny fragment of the reality for most couples, and then there is a plethora of services that one could think of for helping the Titans or better say Men and Women to stop clashing and start living a healthy and happy life.

It would be incorrect to say that men think like “this” and women like “that” as then it would be stereotyped and then forever labelled as such. So, how do couples overcome conflicts? Mostly it’s a clash of Egos, if nothing else. Who’s right,  who’s even more right, but then when someone feels mistreated, misjudged or misled….

Greek mythology is an excellent example of the feminine and masculine element. Devious Godesses getting what they wanted from their “victims” with their superhuman powers and powerful Gods getting what they wanted once they set their eyes on a beautiful woman. This internal game of power is so ancient as my female DNA identity.

So how does one avoid clashing with their other half? Trying to “fix” things is the couples’ majority motto. And here it is folks, take it from me, there’s not a quick “fix”, a solution….there’s only compromising-in the healthiest possible way- self-respecting and guess what, a thing called honesty or for others L O V E.

Is it nature’s law to bring humans to this clashing stage? Do you believe it is healthy to clash with your other half as a way of internal emotional release? Personally, clashes of the sexes gives me insomnia-pondering and wondering why there’s clashing in the first place- depression, and mood swings. What is interesting to me, couples are like the seasons: Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter, they go through the never-ending cycle of seasons. Thunderstorms, hale, rain are meant to happen. Now I know this. Accepting is half way of the truth, I say. Surviving these conditions is the other part.

Making peace is a difficult process, as Egos are involved, wishes and expectations. Who sets the norms to these? We, or they are imprinted to our cells and growing up we are reminded of them?

Existential questions for myself the above.


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