Cloudy mind, unecessary confusion


It’s true, we live with a million voices in our head, telling us what to think, do, not do, say, not say……we become numb to the point we hear what we would like to hear or what we think we hear. Where does all this confusion come from? Did we, ourselves, create a fuzzy head and we should take responsibility for it or is it the way people live nowadays?

I started to question my own wishes, expectations or the stubbornness and energy I put into what I believe is the right thing for me at a given situation. Well, sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s not and then I question what went wrong.

Wrong and right, good and bad, words we use every day creating tension already from the moment we utter these words. Words affect our emotions therefore, use them wisely.

Lately, I had been dealing with clouded thoughts, unclear wishes and vacant goals….when all we let all the unnecessary things that cloud our mind fade we are left with only one clear voice, ours! It’s a process that has no time limitations, feels like it takes ages….until we do have a clear mind, thoughts, goals.

Recently I started exercising to silence my mind and help my body heal….my only commitment was to dedicate 30 minutes twice a week for doing something different. My body thanked me some days later….then it hit me: focusing to one thing at a time creates the necessary space to do what we are supposed to (heal, think, decide, discover something new, etc.).

Cloudy mind= unnecessary confusion. My intention is to focus more to my inner voice, now, this moment. A conscious decision triggered by mindfulness.


3 thoughts on “Cloudy mind, unecessary confusion

  1. In total agreement. I have found this out, recently. This is another definition of the phrase “time heals”…:)

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