Learning about Earthing and its benefits


Do you remember how you felt the last time you walked barefoot in the park, on the beach or in your garden? Probably wonderful.

Are you one of those that love to walk barefoot in your house or just hate shoes and socks and you’d rather feel the ground under your feet? Then probably, you are practising Earthing whitouth knowing it.

I came across Earthing from my Aviva instructor, recently. She sent me a book about it, and I have to say, the title was intriguing. The book mentions that humans are designed to spend their lives outdoors thus getting recharged by nature. Unfortunately, we confine ourselves in our flats, offices or other indoors spaces and that depletes our immune system, impacting our mental and emotional state.

Earthing is a simple way to recharge our batteries, feel postive and happy again. How? By connecting to mother Earth and feeling better. Try to go barefoot for half an hour and you will notice that your energy is higher, you are more relaxed and happy. Why? bare feet making contact with earth thus we are getting recharged from our planet’s energy. I knew that talking long walks on the beach barefoot was and still is something that grounds me and makes me feel better inside out. I just didn’t know that I was practicing earthing.

The books suggests that we can sit, stand or walk on grass, dirt, sand or concrete which are all conductive surfaces from which our body can draw the Earth’s energy. Non-conductive surfaces are wood, asphalt and vinyl.

Now that it’s Summer, I get every day the opportunity to walk barefoot and feel happy, relaxed. For me it is a type of meditation, being aware of the surface my feet touch with every step. What is even more interesting, my cat lives with us in our flat but becomes an entirely different cat when she spends  a few hours outdoors!

I’d love to know how many of you out there love walking barefoot and why you do it!

Share your experience with me.



6 thoughts on “Learning about Earthing and its benefits

  1. I knew the benefits of it but I did not know the terminology. I love to walk bare feet on the sand! Unfortunately we do not have any sea side around us here but I also try if I have a chance. It is not that difficult in this green environment!

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