Acidic vs. Alakaline body, which one would you rather?

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I have heard these two words very often but I was too busy with other things to pay attention. Until the right moment came, and started experimenting with my food. It is almost a month that I have adjusted my eating habits to an alkaline diet, the results? Not huge difference, but evenly distributed energy throughout the day, allowing me to do things and be more active.

If you:

-are feeling exhausted, constantly tired or feeling drained after doing light physical activities

-your skin is irritated, flaky, dry, prone to acne or eczema

-have very often stiff muscles, painful back, migraines or headaches

-your teeth is very sensitive to very hot or very cold food or drinks

-you have tendency to feel cold

-you suffer from insomnia

then it might well be that your body is more on the acidic than the alkaline scale. How can you tell? The first step is to test the saliva and the urine easily with Ph strips. The second step is to be aware of the foods you consume, are they alkaline or acidic? For instance, coffee, sugar, meat are very acidic and potatoes, bananas, almonds or broccoli are alkaline. Small adjustments to your diet, enough water are the most important things to transform the body to an alkalizing machine.

Acidity, means acidic body carrying lots of toxins. And with an acidic habitual diet that spans over the years our bodies (may) complain.

Recently, I have been reading the Acid-Alkaline Diet by Dr. Vasey who claims that our nutrition plays a major role to our well-being and health.

I am not sure whether this is the result of my alkaline diet, but my stiff neck is history, migraines are now a thing of the past (and I do hope it stays so!), my sensitive skin is slightly pink and I feel less tired. This can be attributed to the other experiment I have been undertaking with my diet: quitting sugar (acidic group of foods) and staying gluten-free for almost a month. If I imagined myself 4 weeks ago that I would be sugar-free, gluten-free, or eating alkaline I would say that this is way too much, definitely this is the case of ” health freak”!

The key is to make small steps, small adjustments that you can pick up as your new habits without forcing anything. Going gently is another key factor to becoming healthier.

If you are tired of being tired, inflamed (inner or outer inflammation), achy or just curious to see how would you feel if you followed an alkaline diet, then go ahead and try it. I am taking each day as a new journey, so today it was the day to acknowledge the importance of feeling healthy, happy, energetic and pain-free.

I’d love to know if some of you have tried eating alkaline and what the outcome was/ is for you.


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