Learning about Curcuma, the yellow healing power

When I was a student of ayurvedic massage I started to experiment with herbs and spices. The oils I used for massaging were cooked with herbs and Curcuma, Turmeric or simply ‘yellow root’ was one of them.

In Ayurveda Curcuma is one of the most important herbs because it is very, very, very powerful! It has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and cardio-protective properties. All this is not just theory, but more studies confirm how powerful this herb is.

Curcuma stimulates blood circulation, oxygenates our blood, protects us from various types of cancer and keeps our heart healthy and strong. Using curcuma in my food became obvious. However, it has been a year since I started using this herb again regularly.

I love its vibrant yellow colour, reminding me of sunny days, making me smile instantly. The ultimate way to uplift your spirits.

How I use Curcuma:

-In a glass of warm water, 1tsp of curcuma powder and a bit of honey or agave syrup. A great tonic for women with pcos.

-In my curries.

-In my salads, I sprinkle a bit on top.

-In dressings:

My dressing recipe 1 tsp of curcuma powder in 120 grs goat or sheep yoghurt. Add a bit of parsley or coriander, season with pepper add a hint of olive oil, some Himalayan salt and mix well. I use it both in my salads or as a dipping sauce for raw vegetables. Keep it in the fridge up to 4-5 days.

Turmeric sun dressing   A good recipe that is gluten-free. I tried it and I love it with fish for its fresh lemony taste. Below a photo of the dressing.

turmeric dressing

Sunshine in a jar!

A friend of mine recently said that is using Curcuma daily on her muesli breakfast. Clever idea, that I am going to try.

The bottom line is that nature is full of powerful herbs, super foods we can make use of to heal, nourish our bodies and souls. Like my grandmother used to say: “Nature is the best and greatest pharmacy”. How right she was!


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