When temptation strikes your door


Can we resist temptation? How?

It usually starts like this: the feeling is that things are running smoothly, you finally have managed to live your days and be grateful for each one of them, when….when temptation strikes your door. Have you ever had the feeling that you made progress on something and that exact moment, something comes up to stir you up inside, tempt you to repeat old footsteps that no longer serve you? Yes, and that I call it ‘reverse polarity’. As soon as you are at a still point with the thought of repeating those old footsteps, then a reverse ‘pulling’ begins. We are being sucked into “what could happen again if….?” Our mind races with a thousand questions waiting to be answered so we can decide which way we are to be pulled, forward or backward.

What is fascinating and also a fact: we are blissfully unaware of temptations lurking around us to the moment we are faced with anything that might set us backwards based on previous negative experiences. This is the testing time for anyone of us. Testing time, to reevaluate our needs, put our instincts to the test, and forget to breathe. Yes, we all forget to breathe when overwhelmed. So, when temptation strikes my door, I make it clear to myself to first and foremost breathe. The rest can follow…..breathing connects us to the here and now, making it hard for any temptation to win us over, even momentarily. Then, I visualise myself being happy and content, just being me. Time for decision-making becomes less stressful when starting with a positive image of ourselves. I would like to highlight that feeling positive does not mean ignoring reality.


Which way?

Temptation is always present, to wake us up from old patterns that no longer serve us, to make us better, to help us see a bigger picture of who we are, etc.  Temptation is so closely interlinked with emotions, feelings, traumatic experiences or situations that did not work for us in the past and we want to rid of the memories or even physically leave behind those times. Temptation and Test start with the same letter. So does Truth and Time. Thanks to temptation I managed to evolve and get a tiny bit closer to where I’d like to be now. Thanks to breathing, positive visualisation I manage to stay true to myself, allowing time to reveal what is the best thing to do. No rushing, no running backwards and especially not staying without breathing.

How do you deal when temptation strikes your door?


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