Can a vegan diet make you happy?


At least one day of the week, make it a vegan day!

That is what I asked myself today, after finishing a wonderful vegan dish for lunch. Is it possible that our wellbeing, our state of mind and thus our mood can be affected from how we eat and what we eat? The cliché expression “you are what you eat” is in everyone’s mouth, spat out as a great argument when one has to defend their nutritional choices. Yes, we are what we eat to an extent that we don’t even realise.

I am flirting dangerously with veganism, this is a result of eating more Alkaline and dealing once and for all with pcos, migraines and skin issues. I am not milk intolerant, but I find that nothing beats a glass of creamy almond milk! I am not gluten intolerant, but I noticed after a few days that eating gluten-free foods, I felt I could climb a mountain! Surges of constant energy, improved skin, better mood, better sleep are only a few of the things I have noticed happening to me.

Now, back to my question on veganism and happiness….I used to be a vegetarian, a miserable one, through my teens and early 20s simply because I didn’t know what I was doing. I ended up feeling weak, prone to migraines and irregular menstruation was the norm. Eating animal protein improved my stamina, made my cheeks pink again but, still was not the ideal nutrition for me. Have you noticed that vegans and vegetarians have to use their creativity and imagination to creat a dish more than those who like their meat and salad?

I am still eating meat. However, it is not my main thing, it becomes less and less important in my diet. I discovered that a plant-based diet is far more satisfying to my palate, I get to eat more fresh, unprocessed food and I get challenged doing it! Soups, salads, pies, dips and sauces, fruits, nuts, pulses and much more are keeping me happy. And by writing this sentence now, I get it why I am happy. I am happy with the colours of fresh food I have on my plate daily, happy with the variety of flavours, textures and flavours in my mouth, happy with my body that after a long time, is in a good place.

The other challenge is being sugar- and gluten-free. Food, sugar like many other things is an addiction. Feeling upset, angry? Let’s have something that will comfort us….usually it’s an unhealthy treat. So, there you have it. I am happy because I eat more close to a vegan diet. Will I go completely vegan? Only time will tell!

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? What made you become one and how do you feel in terms of mood and health? Please, share with me.


2 thoughts on “Can a vegan diet make you happy?

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  2. Reblogged this on The Epigenetics Project Blog and commented:
    If you are thinking of changing your diet to a more healthy one and can not go vegetarian or vegan 100%, this BLOG is for you. Try reducing the amount of meat in your diet. Start with meatless Mondays then extended it to Monday Wednesday and Frioday. Eat meat only once a day. Remember when I say meat it includes all animal protein (eggs, milk, cheese and meat (white & red)). The “China Study” book said cancer was turned On with diets of animal protein above 10% of total daily calories.

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