What I have learnt from resisting bread and pasta (gluten-free baby!)

This week during my usual supermarket stroll I was astound to discover that a gluten home test was available under the “Health & Nutrition” aisle. Bought it without hesitation, to really make sure whether I am gluten intolerant and confirm my body’s relief from restricting it from gluten for the past 2.5 months now.

The test turned out to be a big, fat Negative, which does not prove anything, in my opinion. That goes to show me that the best judge is my body, period. Since going gluten-free I have been noticing the following wonderful changes:

  1. good-bye lethargy after meals!
  2. feeling less bloated, or heavy
  3. my eczema has improved significantly along with the help of daily coconut oil application to the affected areas
  4. stable energy levels throughout the day
  5. good-bye migraines! I attribute that also to my alkaline nutrition these days!
  6. all of the above points conclude to the fact that I am happier, more energetic thus more positive to anything that comes my way!

How did I decide to toss gluten from my life: the root of all the nutrition changes that have followed within the last 4 months has been my life-long quest of feeling more feminine, stronger and healthier with pcos. It took me a while, from Ayurveda I discovered that any imbalance has its ‘antidote’ which is the right food, the right massage or herbal formula. From Acupuncture and TCM I learned that everything is energy, any obstacle that interferes with the flow of this energy can lead from minor to major health or mental imbalances. From Reflexology, I found out that I my feet are a micrography of my whole body and gentle pressure can release, even allow my body to heal itself. From the Aviva Method I gained my femininity, became more confident as a woman. Every form of alternative healing I mention here has been present in my life for a while, helping me discover what my body needs, when is the right time to make gentle changes and of course let my body heal itself.

So, going back to being gluten-free, it all started when I was researching natural ways for dealing with skin issues and pcos. Most articles mentioned that it would be a good idea I tried to go gluten-free for three moths and notice any changes. I was already eating non-processed foods most of the time, but bread or sometimes pasta were very often included on my monthly menu.

Smoothie for breakfast! peach, kaiser pear, apple, avocado & chia seeds

Smoothie for breakfast! Peach, kaiser pear, apple, avocado & chia seeds

Now I eat more consciously, including gluten-free bread, tossed the pasta (yes, I know you think I’m crazy) and instead I embraced quinoa, brown rice, amaranth and millet. Soon will learn how to make my own gluten-free bread and pasta, so there will be more variety in my diet.

Are you suspicious that gluten creates havoc with your system? If you think it is hard to cut off all gluten foods from your diet, cut out the bread and the pasta for 15 days. Notice any changes that might follow. If things are getting better, then do another 15 days of a gluten-free diet. I promise, things will get much better after 30 days! It is good to experiment, so to check start slowly reintroducing to your diet bread or pasta and notice any changes. That will be a good indicator to decide whether you are or aren’t intolerant to gluten.

Gluten-free pizza with lightly grilled veggies and feta cheese

Gluten-free pizza with lightly grilled veggies and feta cheese

Personally, I don’t care about the negative gluten test result. I know a gluten-free, sugar-free, alkaline diet is the best thing that happened to me. Of course I have sweet cravings, or pasta cravings, only they are less frequent now. I am in a good place, and I felt like sharing with you. I find that most of the time a vegetarian/vegan diet works for me best. Eating fresh and organic is the key!

Fresh salad: baby spinach, sprouts, avocado, sunflower seeds, lemon juice & olive oil

Fresh salad: baby spinach, sprouts, avocado, sunflower seeds, lemon juice & olive oil

If you have been suffering from pcos, skin problems or other imbalances and have managed to reverse any issue by changing your diet, please share with me.

Last but not least, we need to remember to love ourselves, every minute, every day. Baby steps, but they will get us closer to our own truth and way of healing.




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