Treat your face like your best friend, with natural oils

The principle of” what I can eat, then I can put on my face” caught up with me in a sudden and abrupt way. Like many of you, I was a fan of well known cosmetic brands. My beauty cabinet had a good collection of creams, lotions, gels….I had no special skin concerns to heal with any expensive ‘miracle’ product. Just wanted to achieve long-lasting hydration, feel comfortable in my skin until…..seborrheic dermatitics found me. It’s a love-hate relationship with this condition. Which I thought It would be easy to have it under control with special cosmetics designed for sensitive skin.

Our skin (not this protective membrane covering our face) is a wonderful protective mechanism. It can tell you exactly when something is wrong or when something is its best friend. Just observe how the skin reacts to what we put it through daily…..and it does deserve better. In the past I had heard a skin specialist saying that the skin is a complex mechanism. What the cosmetic companies don’t say is that the skin has a memory and when loaded with un-natural substances (who reads everything on the box of their face cream????) pores shut down after a few applications so you get the feeling the product is not going deep enough in your skin, then you try another cream it feels good, until your skin had enough and rejects it.

Personally, I found that to be true with moisturising products. A few weeks in and I felt my skin was not hydrated enough, so I had to reapply more of the product.

Sensitive skin is a blessing, and as a curious mind, I wanted to get to the bottom of this. We are all obsessed with the perfect, photoshopped skin we see on magazines. Well ladies and gentlemen, get a grip.

Experimenting with healthy eating, exercising it was inevitable not to start questioning what I am putting on my skin. So…..this is not for the beauty product addicts, as you won’t have to purchase every once in a while the latest product in skin care, wrapped in fancy jars and pots.

This is for those who want to feel happy inside out, want to use only the best possible for their skin and your skin will respond.

So, The Curious Mind’s natural oils for the skin list is here


Smelling like summer!

Coconut oil (organic & cold pressed) fantastic for the face and the body. Ideal for acne prone skins or sensitive skins like mine (neurodermatitis, eczema, seb. dermatitis).
Apply onto skin daily, a very small amount will do (for face). It is called a miracle oil as it fights free radicals, which means adieu to wrinkles.

rose oil

Precious rose

-Rose Oil (organic) it is the Rolls Royce of oils, although there are others that fit in the same category. No more dry skin, dark spots or sun spots. It leaves your skin covered with a velvety protective layer and helps it heal from extreme dryness. One or two drops are enough for the face.


Moroccan beauty

-Argan  Oil  (organic) I started to get curious about it when I bought a product for my hair. In the blend there was argan oil and my hair never felt so hydrated, shiny and strong. So, I learnt that Argan Oil is fully loaded on vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, meaning food for the skin. Daily use of this oil leaves your face skin radiant, smooth and with improved elasticity.

My daily routine:

Mornings: wash face with luke warm water, no soap or any cleasning agent. Pat dry and apply a few drops of Argan Oil.  Allow 3 minutes for the oil to be absorbed.

Evenings: amount of half table spoon of coconut oil to clean the face from dust, make up. Massage gently the face for a few minutes. Then with a cotton cloth that is soaked in hot water I massage my face so the pores can open and get cleaned. The cloth should not burn your skin! Rinse well with luke warm water. Then splash the face with cold water to close the pores again. Pat gently dry and that’s it! If you feel your skin still oily, use a small amount of a natural Ph face cleansing foam. After that step use Argan Oil to moisturise your skin.

I avoid that step, not only because I have sensitive skin but as I learnt in Ayurveda, oil is the best cleansing and moisturising agent for our skin.

For the sceptical ones that think applying oil on their face with turn them into greasy monsters, don’t think of that. Skin can turn dry or oily for certain reasons and it is always in need of moisturising agents.

Note: it is not recommended to go out without sun protection, as any oil when exposed to the sun can cause dark spots.

Also, these oils make a wonderful solution for soft lips, cuticles and shiny hair (not the Rose oil though).

Brave enough to toss your pots and jars to the gentle, natural and effective natural oils?

-The Curious Mind-


Hello motivation, good bye temptation!

It is a fact: temptation is our worst enemy, after ourselves, of course.

This is a post on resisting my temptations AND fears AND insecurities that stem from these temptations.  Summer was great, one of the most memorable ones in my life. I visited Crete, and that motivated me even further to carry on my personal journey  on finding Love, Unity, accepting myself, making Peace with my inner child. The outcome was that I was open to receive the ways each day would unfold, I was grateful for being there and being me, I was loving the whole world. And that energy, that vibration continues until now, today.

That put me in so much ease with myself, making me experiment a bit more. What if I didn’t bring with me all the rituals that I usually have when in the city? This is pure provocation, as certain habits and their rituals define us, make us who we are. So, the Aviva dance has been my sacred ritual for the past 3 months, and I dared myself to take a real vacation, a break from everything I did in the city.

That was a temptation test to me, would I feel guilty for taking that short break (3 weeks of vacation)? Would I feel scared that my hormones would be messed up, my migraines would catch up on me, if I didn’t take that break? So, I dared myself.

Today, after exactly 6 weeks, I had my first Aviva dance and it felt great. The temptation test was totally worth it. Simply because my body took care of me, loved me back and gave me a gentle reminder that today it was time to come back to my sacred fertility ritual. Fertility, is not connected to the sexual or reproductive power each one of us possesses. Alas, it is more than that. Fertility is a creative force that manifests in everything we do, and I am reclaiming this power, piece by piece. My own way, my style. Experimenting with healthy, fresh foods, laughing, loving, making tiny changes to my diet, my attitude, expelling fear, insecurity, temptation. What motivates me to continue my personal journey in reclaiming my fertility? So many things: Nature, a kind word, a hug, a sincere smile, a good book….


Where will your personal path take you? Starting the journey

By taking a real vacation, it was clear that I had an open game with my inner little monsters, by rejecting the rigidity of anything that I regard as “helpful” gave me time to embrace my own healing abilities, finding happiness to be possible without having to exchange a part of myself with something that would entitle me to be “happy” or “healthy” or whatever I thought I lacked. It is OK to take a break from time to time from anything that tires us, depletes us emotionally or physically. It is OK to allow temptation to catch up with us, a sign that we are human, not perfect and certainly with the need to be loved.

What made me start my Aviva exercises again, today? A recent speech on Love and New Beginnings, my body’s inner voice and an instinctive need for change.

If you feel sharing how you find motivation in your life, I would love to read your comments. Share the Love!


Sharing L o v e

-The Curious Mind-

Continuing the Sunshine Award

I never heard of blog awards, let alone Sunshine Award….until I checked on my WordPress app last night and one of my favourite bloggers-the fertility doll-wrote about it.

This is an award that goes to writers who brighten other people’s days. The rules (which I’ve broken) are:

  • Include the Sunshine Award icon in your post
  • Link to the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers to receive the award
  • Link to your nominees and let them know you nominated them

1. Are you a dog or a cat person?

Now I have a gorgeous cat, I love her to bits. I grew up with an amazing dog so, I am both!

2. What is your favourite outdoor activity?

Going for a long walk and daydream.

3. How clean is your house when nobody is coming over?

Most of the time is pretty clean and tidied up, I can’t relax in a messy flat!!

4. Tell us something we don’t know about you yet.

I love tea so much that my cupboard is going to explode one day, soon!

5. Drinks: wine, beer or a cocktail?

A nice cup of tea (duh) and once in a blue moon a good glass of Rioja.

6. What’s your favourite recipe? Link if possible.

I can’t seem to get enough of those energy balls. Dead easy to make.

7. Have you ever broken the law? If so, details, please.

Now, why would I tell you that?

8. What do you hide in your closets?

Nothing spectacular really…..

9. Why do you blog?

Curiosity, love for writing and sharing things about life. It’s therapeutic too.

10. Current favourite author or book?

Don Miguel Ruiz- The Four Agreements.



As Fertility Doll said : “I’m not going to link to bloggers because you all bring sunshine into my infertile world. So if you’d like to do this, please go ahead and continue it.”  I agree with her, so go ahead and spread the sunshine!




Why I am a hopeful one

Being a positive person, looking on the bright side of things, seeing the good in others is somehow a way of life, a personal choice.

I want to write about Hope simply because it comes to mind after writing about Love. I was born with a love for analysing things, as this process allows me to reach deeper into my own feelings, experience life my way. In my previous post I wrote about unconditional love or better the feeling of surrendering to love and our deeper self. Hope is part of Love, at least this is how I see it. Hope is made of aspirations, wishful thinking too-if we let ourselves be led to a false perception of reality. And here’s the juicy part: is hope a strategy to cope with our life’s moments and stick to a path that ultimately leads us to the realisation of our aspirations (positive use of Hope) oris it  a way to soothe scars, negative situations (passive hopefuls looking for the silver lining)?


You see, I have the tendency to look both sides of the coin. My mind is frantically looking for logical explanations on Hope and my heart is giving me hints that Hope is an extension of ourselves, our “better” version of us signaling unlimited possibilities.

So, why I am a hopeful one and why oh why do I write about it? I Hope therefore, I choose to see all possibilities of my aspirations coming true, transforming me and those around me. I write about it as I wanted to ask: how often do we get a burst of hope in the middle of the day and then say nothing in fear that we might look as happy-crazy to our friends or acquaintances that keep a serious face most of the time (a serious sign of adulthood, they think)?

I am hopeful that there are others like me, wanting to see their self become better, more aware of what they want from life, breathing and exhaling love fearlessly.


If you are out there, drop The Curious Mind a line!

Can we love uncoditionally?


Love, Liebe, Αγάπη (Agapi-in Greek), feel free to include this word in your mother tongue, is something I have been pondering about lately.

The Oxford Dictionary has the following definition on the word Love:

  1. a strong feeling of affection
  2. a great interest and pleasure in something
  3. a person or thing that one loves

My brain is processing all these definitions and although it recognizes the correctness of the linguistic analysis, my heart gives a different explanation to the word: Love, giving unconditionally a warm, fuzzy like energy to yourself and anything that surrounds you.

Very utopic definition on Love, you might find. In times that our brain takes over our emotions, practicality defines our daily activities there’s little room left to ponder on what actually LOVE is. There’s a plethora of experts on the topic, some of them have written best sellers, but still there’s a big difference from reading the theory and actually letting your heart open to vibrate in the “love frequency” as I like to call it.

“Love is unconditional, free, universal” right, but what really IS Love? My intention is to attune to the vibrations of this word, because words are sounds that vibrate our body and this can be translated into the understanding of the particular word uttered, not just let my brain take over and dissect the word form a linguistic point of view.

In Greek, the word is Αγαπώ (Agapό, verb). It starts with the Alpha and ends with the Omega. It somehow goes perfectly with the expression “the Alpha and the Omega….” as it actually includes, encapsulates everything.

For one thing, to me Love is acceptance ,first and foremost, of who we are. Unconditional acceptance of who we really are. I belive we need to un-train ourselves of loving based on social expectations. We need to un-train in seeing the big picture rather than living on the assumption of a calculated chain of reactions that allow us to navigate in different situations. “What do I do if I let myself open, actually stand naked, in front of everyone?”  “Why do I need to get hurt again?”  “Isn’t it supposed to be giving and taking in life instead of just giving, offering unconditionally your love?”  have been my thoughts or the thoughts of people I have met over the years. Personally, I think these thoughts are missing one core component: self-awareness. Which takes me back to what I expressed before: unconditional acceptance of who we are.

I find that when trying to love outside our self, for the sake of a myriad of reasons, our brain is trained to interpret as the correct reaction -loving- we get lost, and forget who we are. We love because________________________ the rest is yours to fill in.

Have you ever wondered why the word Love lately has been substituted by the other wonderful word Like? “I like you”  people will say instead of what they really feel, which could very well be Love. We have learnt that this word should be used rarely, so its meaning stays strong. Thus the “I like you”.  Feelings should be reciprocated so we can feel the full power of Love.

Guess what, though. If we can’t actually “like” or “love” (choose whichever word you wish) ourselves un-con-di-ti-on-ally then the others will receive a small percentage of who we really are.

No conditions, no expectations, just us. That simple, yet that complicated.

I’d like to know what brings us closer to our real self. Whatever it is, we should be doing it more often, as this is real loving, real acceptance.

Can we love unconditionally? Yes, but with one condition: leave for a while aside this word (condition). Pretty ironic, right?