Can we love uncoditionally?


Love, Liebe, Αγάπη (Agapi-in Greek), feel free to include this word in your mother tongue, is something I have been pondering about lately.

The Oxford Dictionary has the following definition on the word Love:

  1. a strong feeling of affection
  2. a great interest and pleasure in something
  3. a person or thing that one loves

My brain is processing all these definitions and although it recognizes the correctness of the linguistic analysis, my heart gives a different explanation to the word: Love, giving unconditionally a warm, fuzzy like energy to yourself and anything that surrounds you.

Very utopic definition on Love, you might find. In times that our brain takes over our emotions, practicality defines our daily activities there’s little room left to ponder on what actually LOVE is. There’s a plethora of experts on the topic, some of them have written best sellers, but still there’s a big difference from reading the theory and actually letting your heart open to vibrate in the “love frequency” as I like to call it.

“Love is unconditional, free, universal” right, but what really IS Love? My intention is to attune to the vibrations of this word, because words are sounds that vibrate our body and this can be translated into the understanding of the particular word uttered, not just let my brain take over and dissect the word form a linguistic point of view.

In Greek, the word is Αγαπώ (Agapό, verb). It starts with the Alpha and ends with the Omega. It somehow goes perfectly with the expression “the Alpha and the Omega….” as it actually includes, encapsulates everything.

For one thing, to me Love is acceptance ,first and foremost, of who we are. Unconditional acceptance of who we really are. I belive we need to un-train ourselves of loving based on social expectations. We need to un-train in seeing the big picture rather than living on the assumption of a calculated chain of reactions that allow us to navigate in different situations. “What do I do if I let myself open, actually stand naked, in front of everyone?”  “Why do I need to get hurt again?”  “Isn’t it supposed to be giving and taking in life instead of just giving, offering unconditionally your love?”  have been my thoughts or the thoughts of people I have met over the years. Personally, I think these thoughts are missing one core component: self-awareness. Which takes me back to what I expressed before: unconditional acceptance of who we are.

I find that when trying to love outside our self, for the sake of a myriad of reasons, our brain is trained to interpret as the correct reaction -loving- we get lost, and forget who we are. We love because________________________ the rest is yours to fill in.

Have you ever wondered why the word Love lately has been substituted by the other wonderful word Like? “I like you”  people will say instead of what they really feel, which could very well be Love. We have learnt that this word should be used rarely, so its meaning stays strong. Thus the “I like you”.  Feelings should be reciprocated so we can feel the full power of Love.

Guess what, though. If we can’t actually “like” or “love” (choose whichever word you wish) ourselves un-con-di-ti-on-ally then the others will receive a small percentage of who we really are.

No conditions, no expectations, just us. That simple, yet that complicated.

I’d like to know what brings us closer to our real self. Whatever it is, we should be doing it more often, as this is real loving, real acceptance.

Can we love unconditionally? Yes, but with one condition: leave for a while aside this word (condition). Pretty ironic, right?



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