Why I am a hopeful one

Being a positive person, looking on the bright side of things, seeing the good in others is somehow a way of life, a personal choice.

I want to write about Hope simply because it comes to mind after writing about Love. I was born with a love for analysing things, as this process allows me to reach deeper into my own feelings, experience life my way. In my previous post I wrote about unconditional love or better the feeling of surrendering to love and our deeper self. Hope is part of Love, at least this is how I see it. Hope is made of aspirations, wishful thinking too-if we let ourselves be led to a false perception of reality. And here’s the juicy part: is hope a strategy to cope with our life’s moments and stick to a path that ultimately leads us to the realisation of our aspirations (positive use of Hope) oris it  a way to soothe scars, negative situations (passive hopefuls looking for the silver lining)?


You see, I have the tendency to look both sides of the coin. My mind is frantically looking for logical explanations on Hope and my heart is giving me hints that Hope is an extension of ourselves, our “better” version of us signaling unlimited possibilities.

So, why I am a hopeful one and why oh why do I write about it? I Hope therefore, I choose to see all possibilities of my aspirations coming true, transforming me and those around me. I write about it as I wanted to ask: how often do we get a burst of hope in the middle of the day and then say nothing in fear that we might look as happy-crazy to our friends or acquaintances that keep a serious face most of the time (a serious sign of adulthood, they think)?

I am hopeful that there are others like me, wanting to see their self become better, more aware of what they want from life, breathing and exhaling love fearlessly.


If you are out there, drop The Curious Mind a line!


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