Continuing the Sunshine Award

I never heard of blog awards, let alone Sunshine Award….until I checked on my WordPress app last night and one of my favourite bloggers-the fertility doll-wrote about it.

This is an award that goes to writers who brighten other people’s days. The rules (which I’ve broken) are:

  • Include the Sunshine Award icon in your post
  • Link to the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers to receive the award
  • Link to your nominees and let them know you nominated them

1. Are you a dog or a cat person?

Now I have a gorgeous cat, I love her to bits. I grew up with an amazing dog so, I am both!

2. What is your favourite outdoor activity?

Going for a long walk and daydream.

3. How clean is your house when nobody is coming over?

Most of the time is pretty clean and tidied up, I can’t relax in a messy flat!!

4. Tell us something we don’t know about you yet.

I love tea so much that my cupboard is going to explode one day, soon!

5. Drinks: wine, beer or a cocktail?

A nice cup of tea (duh) and once in a blue moon a good glass of Rioja.

6. What’s your favourite recipe? Link if possible.

I can’t seem to get enough of those energy balls. Dead easy to make.

7. Have you ever broken the law? If so, details, please.

Now, why would I tell you that?

8. What do you hide in your closets?

Nothing spectacular really…..

9. Why do you blog?

Curiosity, love for writing and sharing things about life. It’s therapeutic too.

10. Current favourite author or book?

Don Miguel Ruiz- The Four Agreements.



As Fertility Doll said : “I’m not going to link to bloggers because you all bring sunshine into my infertile world. So if you’d like to do this, please go ahead and continue it.”  I agree with her, so go ahead and spread the sunshine!




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