Hello motivation, good bye temptation!

It is a fact: temptation is our worst enemy, after ourselves, of course.

This is a post on resisting my temptations AND fears AND insecurities that stem from these temptations.  Summer was great, one of the most memorable ones in my life. I visited Crete, and that motivated me even further to carry on my personal journey  on finding Love, Unity, accepting myself, making Peace with my inner child. The outcome was that I was open to receive the ways each day would unfold, I was grateful for being there and being me, I was loving the whole world. And that energy, that vibration continues until now, today.

That put me in so much ease with myself, making me experiment a bit more. What if I didn’t bring with me all the rituals that I usually have when in the city? This is pure provocation, as certain habits and their rituals define us, make us who we are. So, the Aviva dance has been my sacred ritual for the past 3 months, and I dared myself to take a real vacation, a break from everything I did in the city.

That was a temptation test to me, would I feel guilty for taking that short break (3 weeks of vacation)? Would I feel scared that my hormones would be messed up, my migraines would catch up on me, if I didn’t take that break? So, I dared myself.

Today, after exactly 6 weeks, I had my first Aviva dance and it felt great. The temptation test was totally worth it. Simply because my body took care of me, loved me back and gave me a gentle reminder that today it was time to come back to my sacred fertility ritual. Fertility, is not connected to the sexual or reproductive power each one of us possesses. Alas, it is more than that. Fertility is a creative force that manifests in everything we do, and I am reclaiming this power, piece by piece. My own way, my style. Experimenting with healthy, fresh foods, laughing, loving, making tiny changes to my diet, my attitude, expelling fear, insecurity, temptation. What motivates me to continue my personal journey in reclaiming my fertility? So many things: Nature, a kind word, a hug, a sincere smile, a good book….


Where will your personal path take you? Starting the journey

By taking a real vacation, it was clear that I had an open game with my inner little monsters, by rejecting the rigidity of anything that I regard as “helpful” gave me time to embrace my own healing abilities, finding happiness to be possible without having to exchange a part of myself with something that would entitle me to be “happy” or “healthy” or whatever I thought I lacked. It is OK to take a break from time to time from anything that tires us, depletes us emotionally or physically. It is OK to allow temptation to catch up with us, a sign that we are human, not perfect and certainly with the need to be loved.

What made me start my Aviva exercises again, today? A recent speech on Love and New Beginnings, my body’s inner voice and an instinctive need for change.

If you feel sharing how you find motivation in your life, I would love to read your comments. Share the Love!


Sharing L o v e

-The Curious Mind-


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