Treat your face like your best friend, with natural oils

The principle of” what I can eat, then I can put on my face” caught up with me in a sudden and abrupt way. Like many of you, I was a fan of well known cosmetic brands. My beauty cabinet had a good collection of creams, lotions, gels….I had no special skin concerns to heal with any expensive ‘miracle’ product. Just wanted to achieve long-lasting hydration, feel comfortable in my skin until…..seborrheic dermatitics found me. It’s a love-hate relationship with this condition. Which I thought It would be easy to have it under control with special cosmetics designed for sensitive skin.

Our skin (not this protective membrane covering our face) is a wonderful protective mechanism. It can tell you exactly when something is wrong or when something is its best friend. Just observe how the skin reacts to what we put it through daily…..and it does deserve better. In the past I had heard a skin specialist saying that the skin is a complex mechanism. What the cosmetic companies don’t say is that the skin has a memory and when loaded with un-natural substances (who reads everything on the box of their face cream????) pores shut down after a few applications so you get the feeling the product is not going deep enough in your skin, then you try another cream it feels good, until your skin had enough and rejects it.

Personally, I found that to be true with moisturising products. A few weeks in and I felt my skin was not hydrated enough, so I had to reapply more of the product.

Sensitive skin is a blessing, and as a curious mind, I wanted to get to the bottom of this. We are all obsessed with the perfect, photoshopped skin we see on magazines. Well ladies and gentlemen, get a grip.

Experimenting with healthy eating, exercising it was inevitable not to start questioning what I am putting on my skin. So…..this is not for the beauty product addicts, as you won’t have to purchase every once in a while the latest product in skin care, wrapped in fancy jars and pots.

This is for those who want to feel happy inside out, want to use only the best possible for their skin and your skin will respond.

So, The Curious Mind’s natural oils for the skin list is here


Smelling like summer!

Coconut oil (organic & cold pressed) fantastic for the face and the body. Ideal for acne prone skins or sensitive skins like mine (neurodermatitis, eczema, seb. dermatitis).
Apply onto skin daily, a very small amount will do (for face). It is called a miracle oil as it fights free radicals, which means adieu to wrinkles.

rose oil

Precious rose

-Rose Oil (organic) it is the Rolls Royce of oils, although there are others that fit in the same category. No more dry skin, dark spots or sun spots. It leaves your skin covered with a velvety protective layer and helps it heal from extreme dryness. One or two drops are enough for the face.


Moroccan beauty

-Argan  Oil  (organic) I started to get curious about it when I bought a product for my hair. In the blend there was argan oil and my hair never felt so hydrated, shiny and strong. So, I learnt that Argan Oil is fully loaded on vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, meaning food for the skin. Daily use of this oil leaves your face skin radiant, smooth and with improved elasticity.

My daily routine:

Mornings: wash face with luke warm water, no soap or any cleasning agent. Pat dry and apply a few drops of Argan Oil.  Allow 3 minutes for the oil to be absorbed.

Evenings: amount of half table spoon of coconut oil to clean the face from dust, make up. Massage gently the face for a few minutes. Then with a cotton cloth that is soaked in hot water I massage my face so the pores can open and get cleaned. The cloth should not burn your skin! Rinse well with luke warm water. Then splash the face with cold water to close the pores again. Pat gently dry and that’s it! If you feel your skin still oily, use a small amount of a natural Ph face cleansing foam. After that step use Argan Oil to moisturise your skin.

I avoid that step, not only because I have sensitive skin but as I learnt in Ayurveda, oil is the best cleansing and moisturising agent for our skin.

For the sceptical ones that think applying oil on their face with turn them into greasy monsters, don’t think of that. Skin can turn dry or oily for certain reasons and it is always in need of moisturising agents.

Note: it is not recommended to go out without sun protection, as any oil when exposed to the sun can cause dark spots.

Also, these oils make a wonderful solution for soft lips, cuticles and shiny hair (not the Rose oil though).

Brave enough to toss your pots and jars to the gentle, natural and effective natural oils?

-The Curious Mind-


4 thoughts on “Treat your face like your best friend, with natural oils

  1. Thanks for a very interesting read! I have extremely dry skin and can see something like rose oil working well for me, especially in winter. Will be trying this out 🙂

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