People helping people. Are you a giver or a taker?


It has been a frustrating month from many aspects, leaving me tired, somewhat angry, wondering if I could really let the universe carry me as opposed to being a control freak.

I’ve noticed when we are in control

a) we spend so much energy that at the end we are exhausted

b) we can’t let go for fear of losing the control of our life

c) become a real challenge to deal with the rest of our friends, family and partners.

The medicine for all the chaos caused by the “holding-the-reigns-of-my-life” virus? Putting others first! Yes, you read correct. By switching our attention to others that need our help, need our company we somehow stop focusing on our big “ego” and start interact genuinely, people this word is important, with others.

Somehow, I noticed that when you give attention to others that need it, you slowly decompress from your worries, problems and woes. A new window of perspective opens and there you see, a bit clearer, what you need to do for yourself. Answers, solutions, appear all of a sudden. Is that magic? Absolutely, not. What is it then? I would like to call it “clearing your karma” move. Detaching from ones self, attention changes from inward to outward and we are able to see others fighting for what we fight, only now we are able to offer help, meaning we can detach ourselves for a while from everything keeping us in that controlling stance. Is it easy to do? I don’t have the answer to that. However, as soon as we start practicing detachment, eventually we can free ourselves from “problems”. I know, this might seem to you such a cliché still it is true, though.

Just think: are you a taker or a giver? Could you change or rather would you like to change? The choice lies with you, always. I was reminded a few days ago, by a lovely woman, that as a giver you get back so much more than you ever imagined. As I say: breathing is life, life is movement therefore, giving is interactive and brings us closer to being alive, happy, centered.

If you read this today, try a simple exercise: help someone selflessly and notice the effect it will have in you. There, the first step of detachment is done!


Together is more powerful than going solo


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