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Having a confusing day? It’s for your own good….

Today I feel like a vessel with water that ebbs and tides constantly. Emotions form a repetitive cycle and that is tiring. Have you dealt with this situation before? It happens, at least to me, when we allow ourselves to become vessels, “carriers” of emotions both for us and others. It’s just that any feeling we experience runs both ways…angry at us and at others, happy with us and with others, and that’s that.

It is possible to break that repetitive cycle of negative emotions, if we are willing to look further. Are we? For example, as soon as I realised that my day from interesting is turning into confusing, entering that futile cycle of frustration, I stopped. And thought. Somehow, the confusion had started earlier on and I experienced much later, like a wave hitting the shore. Picturing how we feel, helps us focus on what could be the next step. For me, the next step was to figure out whether I was a “carrier” of frustration. Which is usually the case.
There are no instructions in handling our confusion, frustration and whatever follows. But, it’s for our own good! As soon as it was clear to me that I carried unnecessary tension, I said a BIG internal NO to myself. Slowly I started feeling lighter, less tense and all started to make more sense (rhyme to cheer you up!). There’s no need to become empty vessels, filling up on emotions that block us from seeing who we really are.
It’s for our own good to say NO to circumstances that “empty” us from positive thinking and energy. You can say it out loud or in you head, you can say it to others if you are sensing that  you “carry” their emotional “bags” for whatever reason.

So, from that confusing day, this little blog post popped up, leaving me refreshed, calm and focused. It was for my own good….



Mastering Inner Peace

Why catching a cold is (sometimes) good for you

We always associate illness to pain, feeling uncomfortable and stressed rushing our way to get back to our old selves. Yes, I used to think also like this. Any form of physical pain and my mind would lock down, trying to cope with the best solution available to get on my feet. Then, have you noticed that when you recover, when the illness/cold is gone you feel that you need to take a holiday break? The body exhausted from fighting any viruses, or getting used to functioning without antibiotics or medication tells you it’s not time yet to start rushing in and out again.

Last week, I caught a cold. It happened unexpectedly. The only thing I remember indicating that something was not normal was a strange burning feeling in the left side of my nose accompanied by dryness and while swallowing my throat complained too. Next day, slightly higher temperature, stuffy left side of my nose and a very sore throat. I waisted no time and the first thing I did was to cancel anything for that week. It was one of the very few times it didn’t feel guilty making myself unavailable for my own sake.

I have noticed that when I was ill, it took me longer to recover as I had to struggle with the tons of guilt that stemmed from my professional background. What would others say? Was it the perfect excuse to skive off work? The inner judging voices kept hammering my head, as if fever was not enough to feel knackered.

This time, I embraced my cold. Yes, I truly did. I took my time to heal, although I know most of us want to keep being productive and keep getting the bills paid. That is one way to look at it. The other is to do exactly the opposite. And that’s what I did.

That was the emotional side of being ill. Now the practical side of it with tips:

  • Do steam baths, form the very first moment you realise that a cold is creeping up on you. It will help keep the sinuses open, disinfect them and make it easier to discard any sticky mucous. For my steam bath I use a few drops of eucalyptus to help me breath better.
  • Start using your neti pot or get one if you don’t have this. Learn how to use it by reading my previous entry Basics to a Happy Nose.
  • Use Pelargonium tincture or spray. It is used to treat upper respiratory tract infections (including the common cold) as well as treat bronchitis and inflammation of the sinuses.

Beautiful Pelargonium Sidoides

  • Start drinking teas, especially thyme and sage tea for its antibacterial and softening properties (less sore throat and less bacteria that cause the soreness). If you have cough, add some liquorice to soothe your throat and chest.
  • Stop all dairy products during the time you have the cold. Dairy product consumption increases mucous build up and you really don’t want to add more of this when you are ill.
  • I discovered the healing powers of Turmeric. It’s a fantastic immune system booster and delicious.

    Gold Turmeric Tea for colds

    1 tsp organic ground turmeric or grate some fresh turmeric, if you have
    1 tsp organic honey
    few drops of (organic) lemon juice
turmeric tea

Turmeric Honey Lemon Tea

-Mix the turmeric and honey until you get a wonderful gold paste, in a cup.
-Add hot water and see the paste turn into a nice gold liquid.
-Add a few drops of lemon.
Drink that tea first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.

Finally, keep loving ourselves every day!