Welcome you, 2014

1st of January 2014 and it’s the first blog entry for this year. One day apart from 2013. People talk about new goals, resolutions, wishes, things that will happen. I would like to pay my respects to 2013.
It was a year that gave me new ideas/inspirations, I got to discover more for my spirit and health, kick off bad habits, a work in progress, made new online and real friends, got challenged with people’s perceptions, my own personal issues that made me realise that embracing the present is the perfect gift. Embracing the now and what is included with it (people, emotions, seasons).

2013 I became more gentle to my innate drive to move always forward, slowed down, reflected and that brought me a new sense of peace. It was a year to appreciate where I’ve been, where I am and where all this can take me.
My curious mind/spirit is rewarded with knowledge, new information, better health and clearer mind.

2014 is here, so I am thankful for the new energy, vibrations and happy to continue my search for a better existence.
Two days before the last year ended, I dreamt that I was crying saying that I didn’t want something specific anymore. It was a revelation, why put such a pressure on me when actually deep down it felt I was doing the exact opposite? A real revelation, to appreciate where I am now, relax and take each day as a new start for my personal growth plan. No reason to run in circles, going against my spirit and body.
I leave you with this mantra: May we all be more present and passionate this new year. The rest, I am certain, will follow.


May we find our presence and passion

-The Curious Mind-


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