Reclaiming Fertility and Femininity with the Aviva Method


Aviva Vol. II

It has been a while since I wrote about fertility related issues and the Aviva Method. The reason was moving to a new apartment, preoccupying myself with a million other things than practicing Aviva and that brought a slight guilt. It was hard to admit that I had fallen out of the Aviva wagon. At the same time, it was interesting to observe how my body reacted these last 4 months without the “fertility dance”. I have noticed a few small but constant signs:

-I become “warmer”actually, I get hot flushes when menses approach

-I need to rest and nest as my body prepares to work hard cleaning itself

-Better quality of menses in terms of blood quality (Qi -energy- flows better) migraine-free too!


We are like flowers, just the right conditions will help us bloom!

Today, after another interesting Skype session with my wonderful Aviva instructor which happened last month (she’s always there for me), I tried for the first time on my own the Ovulation Inducing Exercises. Yes, the wonderful thing with the Aviva Method is that not only it supports irregular menstruation but also is a wonderful support for ovulation as well. After completing the whole “ovulation dance” a sense of happiness came over me. It must be the endorphins being released in my body. Also a pleasant warm feeling in the whole pelvic area that signifies that these movements helped with blood circulation in the ovaries. What is important to note: The “ovulation dance” needs to be done 2-3 days consecutively (starting on CD10) so to achieve ovulation. And of course, be patient as all things need time to grow, heal, change and develop. Staying warm after completing the Aviva ovulation series is key! A warm cup of water (to hydrate and flush any toxins out of the body) or tea is a wonderful idea. Also keep warm and relaxAvoid showering or taking a bath for at least 24 hours after you have practiced any Aviva exercises as it would drive the “warm feeling” you have achieved out of your body.

The Aviva Ovulation Induction steps or exercises are wonderful. From the first to the last one, you feel your pelvic area, more specifically your whole abdomen stretching wonderfully.

On a psychosomatic level, my experience with Aviva is always this: through body movement I get a confirmation from deep within that this “dance” is beneficial for my well-being.  Through the Aviva dancing, it was obvious that my body needed these specific 18-steps (Simple Method) to feel in balance. Balance in body and in emotions. It is like a wise old friend never judging but helping you discover how wonderful your body is again and again. It is also worth adding: reclaiming fertility and femininity doesn’t have to be through a strict regime. It involves self-love, self-respect and believe it or not connecting with other women out there!

The journey is far more exciting than the destination itself, don’t you agree?


Celebrating Nature


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