Can your mind heal your body? Hypnotherapy, Fertility, Women and Yoga


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I’d like to start with the definition of Hypnotherapy, which is this: A type of psychological treatment where a person is put into a state of altered consciousness (that is, a trance) and deep relaxation, with the goal of improving a person’s ability to access certain internal experiences, such as memories or emotions.

It is ever so wonderful when we have the ability to heal our body and mind with modalities that allow us to reach to the root issues of certain imbalances. I am referring to the modalities of Hypnotherapy and Yoga this time. Both have as the ultimate goal to help us reach deep relaxation, alter mind patterns that no longer serve us allowing us to heal. Fertility is something that for a lot of women is an issue, as our modern lifestyle robs women off their true essence.

It is a true blessing when women realise their true nature (each one of us is unique with a unique life purpose) and aspire to fulfil their life purpose. For sometime now, practising mindfulness, non-judgment, self-acceptance is a truly wonderful way of taking each day as a special gift and not a struggle to get things done in a selfish, one-sided way. I’ve been researching for some months now the effects of healthy eating, specialised exercising and meditation on fertility. The more relaxed I feel, the better the body feels. That’s a no brainer. However, how many women with any type of fertility issue know that this is the holy trinity for maintaining our female reproductive system at its best? We tend to focus on what is wrong, looking for the best solution which most of the time is concentrating on eating better, or starting exercising or just wondering what’s wrong with us.

It is time that we look at ourselves as a whole and not as a list of problems, health issues, bad experiences, etc. A holistic approach, to my experience allows body and mind to synchronise, remember their core purpose and eventually heal.

For me, Hypnotherapy was the next experiment to achieve deeper mind and body relaxation. But something was missing, until I realised that a combination of meditation and yoga focusing on balancing fertility would be the thing for me. I am so grateful and feel so blessed for having a session with Flavia from mamalovesme.

Her holistic approach to women’s health  is wonderful!  The session started with a short discussion about where I am emotionally and physically at the moment, how I ear, what I need and how I can fulfil my needs. I found Flavia very down to earth, gentle, warm and very knowledgeable in her field. She also explained the importance of mind and body unity. Hearing that I felt like home.

The next thing was to relax body and mind with a guided fertility meditation. A lot of visualisation took place that helped me relax and accept the moment. Now, I could add those visualisations to my daily meditation/hypnotherapy sessions. Flavia also explained that for restoring fertility, gentle exercising or micro movements are very important. I was guided through gentle yoga asanas and breathing that my body needed. During this time, Flavia would add the benefits of some of the asanas, something I found very interesting!



Flavia during our session. Thank you!

Benefits of Fertility Yoga:

  • Restore hormonal imbalances
  • Reduce PMS
  • Relax the body
  • Increase blood flow in the reproductive organs and improve ovulation, overall health in the area
  • Keep the body, tissues, muscles flexible
  • Reduce stress and negative thoughts.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy:

  • Stress buster
  • Release negative mind patters
  • Manage chronic pain
  • Deal with traumatic issues and memories
  • Improve sleep
  • Help with anxiety and depression or mood swings
  • Help with anger or aggressiveness

Taking the time to listen to your body and what it needs is key, can take some time. As a Curious Mind, I felt that Flavia took the time to connect with me, to assist me in achieving optimal mind and body relaxation by creating a wonderful, restorative yoga routine.

I am ever so grateful that my curiosity brings me closer to wonderful, interesting, positive people.

Hypnotherapy is Hypnos= sleep (deep meditative state) and therapy=healing. Our mind can heal our body and that is a fact.

This blog entry is dedicated to all women.


-The Curious Mind-




6 thoughts on “Can your mind heal your body? Hypnotherapy, Fertility, Women and Yoga

  1. This is a very interesting and informative post. I too believe that when you start to relax the mind, the body follows. It also has recently occurred to me (although I’ve heard it being said countless times) that the brain is a muscle, and the more you “train” it to think a certain way, the easier it will be to access those thoughts. For example, positive affirmations and balance are all things that need to be practiced, (like in yoga), but at some point you just reach a state where it comes naturally. Namaste.

      • Yes! I absolutely love yoga and have been practicing for a little bit over a year now. I currently moved so am in search of a new studio to practice in. I was living in South Korea and practicing Bikram yoga over there but think I am ready to move on from that style. I recently started doing Yin yoga at home which has helped with meditation a lot. I must admit, meditating for me is hard (like most people, no doubt) but the slow style of Yin allows me to stay focused and reach a state of calm pretty easily. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said Yoga saved my life. It’s one of the healthiest and wholesome habits I have picked up and it has opened the doors to so much more. How long and what type of yoga/meditation are you practicing?

      • That’s wonderful Neda! I’ve started and stopped a few times my yoga practice. My goal is to get more consistent with it and meditation or creative visualisation helps me focus on the present. I love asthanga and ishta yoga. Gentle moves are more nurturing to me than dynamic yoga. Do you also practice affirmations?

      • I have never heard of ishta yoga, I will definitely look into that. Have you read about Dosha types? People are attracted to particular types of movement/foods based on their Dosha, which comes from Ayurvedic medicine. I have always been attracted to fast paced, cardio type activities and prone to quick judgments if you may..but after reading about my Dosha type I found out that I should be focusing more on slower movements and grounding myself in order to gain more balance. I guess that’s why I made the huge jump from Bikram yoga to Yin yoga. Both are great, but Yin leaves me feeling much more refreshed because it calms me down.
        I have read about affirmations, and firmly believe that they work. Personally I have never used any, but I do believe that thinking positively changes your outlook and behavior so I try to remain aware of the thoughts I have. I have looked into spell writing and examples of Book of Shadows that people keep, and that also seems very similar to affirmations to me. What do you think?

  2. Ishta Yoga was something new to me as well, until I tried it. A blend of Hatha with some other asanas. It’s wonderful. I know very well what you describe with regards to the doshas. Most people don’t know that they need to incorporate a Vata management regime to feel balanced. Louise Hay has a wonderful booklet on affirmations that I use from time to time. Usually, I look in the mirror and then my personal affirmation appears in my mind and heart. Try this!
    It seems that you are aware of your body and its energy, so wonderful, Neda!
    Spell writing is something I don’t much of, for sure any word or thought has power over us, so perhaps we need to choose carefully what we say or write?

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