Anthroposophic Medicine, is it as complicated as it sounds?


I have been blessed to be able to speak a language that has been the foundation for other languages that exist today. My curiosity and karma directed me to a wonderful woman who practices Anthroposophic Medicine. Antropo- what? To me the word is not weird or strange, so let’s talk about its meaning:




Anthropos, in Greek, means human being, Sophic, again in Greek, means wisdom. Putting together these two words we actually talk about healing modalities that have as their center the human being and his/her needs. How beautiful is that, if I may say so!

Previous experiences in medical practices had left me misunderstood, not heard by the health practitioner or even scared when “absorbing” the diagnosis, feeling helpless as it was always a struggle for me to take conventional western medicine. And it was a struggle for in a cellular level I felt I was betraying my body, my heart. It is a personal choice which path to follow in life, mine has been so far the one that leads to self-understanding, self-evolution, self-rebalancing. How to do all that when your GP is trained to see you as a list of problems or symptoms rather as a human being that is imbalanced for particular reasons? If we are curious enough we can end up finding wonderful doctors that really, really love working with you as a whole entity, respecting your body awareness.



We are more than symptoms


So, Anthroposophic Medicine, how come I hadn’t heard of this? Doing some research I found the following quote amazing, resonating with me so much: “These are sometimes homeopathic, sometimes herbal or mineral based remedies which may well help to heal the illness by showing  the body how it has to function again in a healthy way.  This means healing from the inside out.”  This quote carries so much truth, one we have forgotten and it’s time we are reminded again.

Personally, I started to realise that an illness, a health complaint or imbalance is here to teach us something. The illness leads us through a process, a learning curve. I started to realise that the mission of an ilness is to teach us something, it is our choice to understand that lesson. That quote sums up beautifully what I am trying to say: “The concept of the illness as a teacher can be applied to all illnesses even to minor illnesses such as a flu or a sore throat.  The hidden message will reveal itself once we learn to read the illness as a picture and realise which important impulse has yet been overlooked by us and needs to be taken up.


R. Steiner

R. Steiner


My research on Anthroposophy or else Holistic Understanding of the Human Being has led me to understand the following: It was developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. It is a multifaceted understanding of the human being from the aspect of nutrition, pedagogy, medicine, arts, etc. We are the result of our experiences, habits, thoughts and actions, Anthroposophy helps to heal the human being and create a better Earth.


Finding the underlying cause of an illness whether a light or a serious one could take some time. I prefer to give this time to myself and ‘decode’ this state so I can learn from it, become more aware and thus healthy again. I’m on day 3 on my anthroposophic medicine which consists of certain homeopathic solutions which need to be taken a few times a day with some water. How I feel already? Calmer, an important step for healing to begin.


We are all beautiful, unique, so let's bloom!

We are all beautiful, unique, so let’s bloom!



If you have tried  Anthroposophic Medicine and would like to share your experience with me, please leave a comment under this post!


Much Love and Health to You!


-The Curious Mind-


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