The Curious Mind does Curious Courses in Zurich

Here I am, excited to share the fruits of my curiosity again. Last month, as a Curious Mind, I checked a series of  short taster courses that guaranteed to “spark my curiosity” called Curious Courses. Resisting such an intriguing name, I had to be there!

It was the first time to be in any type of courses/presentations about anything, outside work, of course. This took place in a wonderful building in Zurich; upon arrival I got my name tag and the introductory brochure with information of all the courses. The amazing thing is, that with one ticket I could visit as many courses as I wanted, depending on my interests.

So, I chose two: Trusting your Intuition and as a health foodie the Orgasmic Raw Desserts. The excitement being in a room with others who are just as well curious felt great. Now onto the courses.


Trusting your Intuition was the first course  taster I attended. What I took from this course was that we all have the gift of intuition, we just have to listen closely and be guided through life. A fun exercise confirmed what I’ve already known, a deeply intuitive person! Catherine, the speaker of the course, shone through just being herself and sharing with us wonderful tips and tools on intuition and clarity.




Short course on Intuition


Catherine, a wonderful speaker








Next it was time for the health food freak I have inside me: a wonderful presentation of raw goodness, Orgasmic Raw Desserts. The one hour course flew by so fast for the simple reason that I was absorbed in the story of Wanbun, the raw food chef, and her live demonstration of a wonderful, raw, vegan, healthy dessert. My highlight was a trio taster from Wanbun: chocolate cake, lemon tart and chocolate fudge. All vegan (finally veganism is catching up in my city), raw, simple and delicious.


Wanbun and raw goodness


Trio raw goodness: choco cake, lemon tart, choc fudge









Leaving the Curious Courses felt like visiting a knowledge hub where passion, inspiration, curiosity, goodness and a good dose of smiles were the main ingredients. Being connected to others who love sharing life changing moments that sparked an interest in becoming who they really are was the message I took with me that day.


Can’t wait to the next cycle of Curious Courses, a place where things are possible.


-The Curious Mind-


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