Vegan, Organic makeup -Go ahead, be functionable!

Do you remember the feeling when you have been looking for ages for something that you thought it only existed in your mind-or even imagination and then you actually realise it exists? Like a perfect candy shop, for me discovering organic food stalls, juice bars or vegan/vegetarian places to enjoy a tasty lunch is a reward that feels like a personal victory. Educating one’s self on the benefits of a healthy, wholesome diet it is evident what needs to be avoided. Simply put: preservatives, parabens and other chemical “wonders” of our modern society are the culprits for many modern ailments that seem to spread in extreme paces. Eczema? Acne? Irritability? Hormone imbalances? Feeling sluggish without coffee or other stimulants? Then, you could be looking at the monster straight in the eyes. I call it “monster”-the toxins in general that we put daily in our bodies-when what it all actually does is erase our natural body functions keeping up prisoners in our addiction for stimulants, processed foods so we feel good and functional.

Without getting carried away with the monster story, I’d like to mention how wonderful it is to nourish our bodies with natural foods, drinks-okay the odd glass of wine or beer or even coffee doesn’t count-or even makeup as our body can assimilate everything that it recognizes. My relationship with makeup hasn’t been always rosy. Growing up, my books and studies took more space in my head than makeup. Besides, experimenting with my face and makeup was like asking me to walk naked in the streets. Slowly, I started to notice that ignoring makeup made me feel worse, helpless to be honest. Magazines, beauty counters of big makeup names treated women as inadequate of some degree. Inadequacy equals imperfection which equals to getting convinced in buying whatever they sell you. So, there it was. Makeup and me was a long-lasting relationship of resistance to the norms of the beauty industry.

My makeup collection was small, but it never crossed my mind how these products are made or what are the side-effects of daily makeup use on the skin. The more my nutrition became wholesome and organic the more curious I became in researching cosmetic brands with ethos and integrity. So they existed! And most of them far away from where I lived. Plus back then, the concept of online shopping was limited and those companies catered to their country only.

Back to the present now. I am happy to use makeup when it is vegan or cruelty-free and organic. No compromises to that. Looking always for what’s new out there for me, I discovered that I had one option: online shopping. I live in Switzerland, where the wave of vegan beauty hasn’t hit the country yet. However, when I discovered a vegan, cruelty-free makeup studio in my city, I felt like a child in a candy shop…..ah scratch that, I felt like me, all excited in a health food store!



Vegan makeup fever-creativity and experiments ❤


Sarah, owns the cutest, loveliest, vegan & organic makeup shop in town! I was there yesterday experimenting with vegan, mineral makeup which was so fun! A very inviting space with lots of beauty goodies to play with. We discussed with Sarah that the most possible reason that organic makeup is still slow here could be that the notion of organic or vegan makeup means unattractive packaging, minimal range of colours, not long-lasting power. All wrong, ladies! I had a trial makeup with all organic and vegan makeup products that lasted the whole day. That is a warm, sunny day in the city.

Another thing that makes Sarah’s shop wonderful: she is what she represents, a vegan lady who loves makeup and has skills. For me, the most important thing was that I felt comfortable during the whole makeup trial, as it was my first ever. During this beauty experiment I liked how patience, good listening skills, a warm smile and good makeup skills were the main focus. Respect for the client, I felt, was there all the time.



The Curious Mind and Sarah having fun!


And a recap: Organic makeup (for me it has to be also vegan) is the best thing for the skin. Why?

It’s toxic-free

It’s cruelty-free

It’s long-lasting

It’s more that 3 shades of foundation or lipstick

It’s functionable. Is that a word? Yes, it is!



Have you tried organic or vegan makeup products? What are your favourite ones? Share with me your experience.


Happy weekend!


-The Curious Mind






4 thoughts on “Vegan, Organic makeup -Go ahead, be functionable!

  1. I guess we’re quite spoiled in London though not the same scale as in USA. I’ve just ordered some Kjaer Weis which is stunningly packaged. I use RMS blusher every day and Ilia lip products are great.

    • Thank you for the comment Lynda! I’m happy to know that RMS cosmetics are available in Switzerland now! I’ve been using Vapour foundation stick and some vegan lip glosses. How long have you been using organic cosmetics and what’s the reason?

      • I use more organic skincare than makeup – for many years due to allergies and eco concerns I try to avoid products with too many synthetics and irritants. On makeup front I don’t wear much so maybe past 18 months – I like nice packaging and as you mentioned that was seriously lacking 🙂 I’ve just got a sample of the Vapour soft focus liquid – they’re one of the few organic companies that do shades suitable for darker skin.

  2. That’s an excellent point, the organic skin care as the skin is our canvas for any makeup we choose to wear. What are your current favourite skin care products? I blogged not a while ago about my love for organic, cold pressed coconut oil and argan oil. I find them to be excellent with my sensitive skin. I am on the lookout for a good organic and vegan eye cream, serum product. 🙂

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