The Curious Mind discovers an amazing farm!

On 1st of August it was the National Swiss Day, everyone was celebrating with fireworks and BBQs  but I chose to celebrate it, although not a Swiss myself, in a different way.

I visited a wonderful eco-farm, one that I was praying for, really close to my neighbourhood. “Those who seek, find” can be the appropriate expression for the occasion. I was really happy to discover this farm well, its website first, a bit earlier in an attempt to get to the source of clean, organic, fresh vegetables. On the farm’s website such an offer was mentioned and I immediately contacted them. Later on, an event for the 1st of August was posted on that website, one that I couldn’t miss! Happy days, an eco-farm is organising a fun vegan brunch! And what makes the event even more wonderful, at least to me, was that this brunch was to help two sick horses, recover. How wonderful, no marketing gimmicks, just people helping animals, creating a microcosm of awesomeness!

Upon visiting the farm, I noticed how serene and happy it was, even with all those people drinking and eating happily away! Sarah, one of the farm owners was sitting at the entrance, collecting entry fees with a big smile and around her a lovely farm. People cooking, serving drinks, children and dogs playing in unison, trees everywhere and in the middle of the farm, a wonderful vegan buffet composed with home-made baked goodies, salads, tarts and pies, cold platters, vegan cheese platters and so much more. All very tasty, all very well made and with love.


Sarah seated at the entrance of the farm

Being aware of what I eat and consume has given me the benefit of doubt when it comes to consuming flesh or other animal by-products. Veganism, to me is a way to detox the body and the mind, at first; awareness of celebrating and honouring life around you is the next stage. This vegan brunch proved to me the one fact that yet so many of us are ignorant of: plant-based nutrition can be a wonderful healing modality for both humans and animals. For humans, get a chance to detox and consume wholesome, plant-based foods, and animals are in a harmonious coexistence with humans. All this sounds to idyllic to you? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Back to my vegan brunch. I filled up my plate, found a hay bale under a tree to sit and enjoy my food. I was sitting next to the area of the farm where some horses were kept. A truly relaxing way to enjoy food.


Yummy, vegan brunch


View during my brunch ❤

We got a tour of the farm, where we saw rescued animals living in harmony. Hens, horses, goats and a pig rescued from slaughter; recovering from production frenzy, hens were to lay eggs daily, for example. Perhaps some of you might say that animals are here to be consumed for we need their milk, meat, or other byproducts. Perhaps some of you might say that you can abstain from meat consumption and your conscience is at ease. Perhaps some of you might say that veganism is the answer to many environmental issues our planet is facing. For me, this farm is going to be a centre of reference, a wonderful community to be part of, a place to visit again.



Happy hens ❤


Hof Narr-A place to visit



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