Create your own community, for passionate souls only!

Being proactive is a wonderful trait, allowing us to share insights or ideas, connect with like-minded people, help each other in one way or another. So I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon of proactiveness and connect with all of you.


Just Breathe


I’ve created a free online community called #pranayamaclub where for 15 days we dedicate 10 minutes to ourselves, just breathing, just being and sharing our experiences. Or start a journal to simply witness how you feel during or after pranayama (nadi sodhana pranayama/alternate nostril breathing).


You can join me in this wonderful breathing technique here:

The Curious Mind Facebook Page

The Curious Mind via Twitter


Share the Love, spread the word ❤



-The Curious Mind-


Pranayama Club Journal

Day 1: after practicing pranayama breathing for ten minutes, a slight muscle stiffness in the neck area and a mild headache disappeared. Ready to start my day!

Day 2: started with mantra singing and then pranayama breathing. Warm feeling all over the body, clarity.

Day 3: early start today, a lot of preparations, pranayama skipped. It’s OK as I was aware of keeping a steady, full breath during the hectic moments. All is OK.

Day 4 & 5: get out and breathe in deeply against the pleasant summer wind.



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