This year is so special to me for so many reasons. One of them is becoming a mother, for the first time, and the experience is something I will always cherish.

From conception right up to birth, I witnessed how powerful a woman can be, creating life inside her; the pregnancy was a tsunami of creativity in many aspects: tons of ideas, a fierceness to execute most of them. Simply put, a transformation from a cocoon to a butterfly.

Lately, the word “mothering” repeats itself in my head like a mantra, it cannot be ignored but only be written and discussed.

Mothering, according to Oxford dictionary, means the following: to look after, to protect, to give birth to, to bear and to bring forth.

It’s true all this happens once a woman carries and gives birth to a baby, but if we want to go beyond human conception, mothering occurs whenever there is a seed of an idea to be brought to life. We are all mothers in many ways to our children, our thoughts and projects. With me, I’ve noticed I harboured a child and seeds of ideas lovingly at the same time. The challenge is to keep mothering both. Child and seeds of ideas. How? The words courage, love, mindfulness, grace come to mind.

Mothering requires a lot of energy, patience, perseverance but also kindness, unconditional love and… a village, be it your partner, your best friend/s or more than that. And mothering is a constant state of being, from conceiving to executing to bringing into life, and finally sharing the gift with the whole world. Mothering isn’t a selfish thing at all, mind you. You are the vehicle for something beautiful that is about to arrive in the world. A child chooses you to be his mother, an idea pops up in your head and is filtered through your heart, calling you to realise it. I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.

A particular seed of an idea has been with me for a while now, and only recently I could see more clearly how important it is to mother it. What I can share with you right now is that I want to spread the word of mindfulness to the world, in my own unique style, so stay tuned! Eyes are getting sparks, the heart is racing, all this silly excitement is uplifting!
Do you get high from just thinking how fantastic this idea you have is and do you get all tingly visualising all the possibilities of making a reality what’s in your heart? That’s me, and I hope you too. If you are a mother, an entrepreneur or a woman of the business world, you can relate to the above.

Mothering contains a lot of passion and devotion too. Devoting mind, body and soul to another human being to make him fly one day from the nest as a complete human being, passionate along the way for your mission. I feel the same for all my “children”.

Personally, I feel mothering is about manifesting goodness. A daily manifestation of goodness whether it is about being kind to ourselves, our child, our neighbour, our partner and friends or developing a good work ethic, empathy towards us and others, creating a life model that genuinely makes us move forward.


The word “mothering”  is here to reveal its grand significance as well as to guide me in its beautiful maze of challenges. The point is we are all mothers or fathers, regardless. There is so much more to say about mothering, but these days I am challenging myself to feel more and analyse less….it opens up the heart, giving me space to create. I challenge you to mother more intuitively and see what happens.



Words from a song by Desirée Dawson



May you embrace the journey of life x


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Mindful living




I’ve written before about mindfulness, how I was introduced to it and then…life happened. There it was: one curious mind, me, that wanted to make peace with her duality. In a nutshell: the everlasting question of finding balance between life, work, spiritual pursuits and keeping the fire of creativity and curiosity alive, has been on my plate for sometime now. What I’ve learnt: you can combine many things but a break to absorb the experience, reflect on the process is a must.

A dear soul from the past, revisited me; it was a blessing; as it turns out the bottom line was clear- mindful living. A stark reminder that was necessary to look at more carefully.


What is mindful living?

The beauty of life is that it has a perfect shape: a cycle. We live in cycles, that are ever so interchangeable, sometimes they lap and voilà, if you keep your eyes and heart open, it’s clear to see they are wonderful signals to bring you back to balance or even be a great chance to help you move forward. Ride the wave of life!

To me, mindful living is when we allow our soul, mind and spirit to align; it’s the time when we feel truly ourselves and get great satisfaction from being truly ourselves. No comparisons to those around us, no criticism, no guilt, no anger, no remorse. Only self-love, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-expression.

Mindful living is clarity of where we are; in fact, embracing fully, unconditionally where we are, and being aware of what is our intention to keep us rooted in the present moment. I’ve been guilty of getting stuck between the past, the present and the future. I’ve been guilty of demanding more of myself, of this insatiable urge to do more, to give more, to know more… For a little while, you may be driven to achieve your goals. It may work, for a while. Then it might be that exhaustion, physical and mental knocks on your door and you don’t want to answer. How exhausting is it to force your whole being to wear all these hats (mother/lover/business woman/best friend…) and when you get caught up with the moment, it’s so hard to let go?

Andy Puddicombe, asks this simple question: “Have you ever tried to do nothing?” A question to not take lightly… Just think when it was the last time you did absolutely nothing and you felt good for doing so.

Recently, in one of my wonderful acupuncture sessions I mentioned the feeling of being drawn into a whirlpool, here it is again, circular shape, that was hard to escape sometimes. After leaving the practice, all relaxed, it was very clear to me: people want to break free from the old pattern they use to lead their life but it’s so hard. Why? The more we resist, the deeper we fall in old habits, fears or any other negative emotions that keep us captives.


Curious Mind Quotes


How to let go?

It’s not actually about letting go, it’s more about understanding and accepting the feelings, emotions that shape our reality. A cloud-free thinking, if you will. And to do that, all we need is a gentle process to bring us to complete stillness.
Back to this friend from the past: she mentioned how mindfulness helps her cope with her own challenging moments in life. She mentioned a free mindfulness course that is accessible via smart phone and I got curious!

Here’s my (Christmas) gift to you: if you want to see how it feels to be still, break free from nagging thoughts, then try Headspace; an app with simple, guided mindful meditation sessions.


Where can Mindfulness be applied?

Mindfulness is an awesome clarity enhancer: imagine where clarity can be applied. Anywhere! Personally, I’m intrigued and curious to explore ways in which mindfulness and learning can be combined. Learning is an intrinsic experience; knowledge is more than just information that we have to retain for the rest of our lives; or if not used then forgotten. Learning is all about involving all of our senses instead of consuming ourselves in an effort to memorise what’s necessary to carry on, complete our tasks, whatever these might be and then forget what we’ve learnt in the first place.

Instead, remember when you had absolute clarity and a calm mind: how receptive you were to retain knowledge. And remember how it felt to learn at that moment. Learning besides productive should be fun, mind and soul stimulating.

If you have been also curious in mindful learning, it would be an absolute pleasure to contact me and exchange ideas, resources and material.


I leave you with a soulful TEDx talk by the creator of Headspace, Andy:




Much love & gratitude

Vera, The Curious Mind

Aviva is here!

Aviva Method_promo


I am super excited and delighted that I am a part of this workshop!  It is Aviva’s Method debut in Switzerland, a dream that finally materialized in the form of three super women, Kat (the Aviva Instructor), Clementine and myself.

I believe in self-healing, natural health methods and anything that feels organic to body and mind. One of the things, that I tried and started to get curious about was the Aviva Method or the Aviva dance as Kat calls it.


You can find more information for the first Aviva Workshop in Switzerland on the official Facebook Community Page.


Previous articles on my experience with the Aviva method you can see here

Learning about the Aviva Method & Your Body

Reclaiming Fertility & Femininity with the Aviva Method





Love, peace & health


-The Curious Mind-

Can you listen?

It’s been a while since I blogged. It’s not laziness, it’s not having run out of interesting things to write about. It’s more about turning inwards and listening to what I truly have to say, and this takes time.

This is the message that I could clearly listen inside me and I wanted to share it with you!

Can you listen to what you really need to say to yourself and those around you? And if so, what is your message?



-The Curious Mind-

The return and a crucial question

The Curious Mind is back, full of ideas and inspiration for the blog. August was a special month for me for many reasons, personal and professional. I met wonderful people that share love for life which is so infectious.

Now my crucial question: What makes you happy? Happiness is and has been a quest of mine since I can remember myself. Whether it is signing in the shower or hugging someone to just being grateful for just being yourself.

So, what is happiness to you, how do you get to be happy?

I’d like to leave you with that question and if you have an answer that you’d like to share, I’d love to read it!


To be continued…..


-The Curious Mind-

Create your own community, for passionate souls only!

Being proactive is a wonderful trait, allowing us to share insights or ideas, connect with like-minded people, help each other in one way or another. So I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon of proactiveness and connect with all of you.


Just Breathe


I’ve created a free online community called #pranayamaclub where for 15 days we dedicate 10 minutes to ourselves, just breathing, just being and sharing our experiences. Or start a journal to simply witness how you feel during or after pranayama (nadi sodhana pranayama/alternate nostril breathing).


You can join me in this wonderful breathing technique here:

The Curious Mind Facebook Page

The Curious Mind via Twitter


Share the Love, spread the word ❤



-The Curious Mind-


Pranayama Club Journal

Day 1: after practicing pranayama breathing for ten minutes, a slight muscle stiffness in the neck area and a mild headache disappeared. Ready to start my day!

Day 2: started with mantra singing and then pranayama breathing. Warm feeling all over the body, clarity.

Day 3: early start today, a lot of preparations, pranayama skipped. It’s OK as I was aware of keeping a steady, full breath during the hectic moments. All is OK.

Day 4 & 5: get out and breathe in deeply against the pleasant summer wind.


The Curious Mind discovers an amazing farm!

On 1st of August it was the National Swiss Day, everyone was celebrating with fireworks and BBQs  but I chose to celebrate it, although not a Swiss myself, in a different way.

I visited a wonderful eco-farm, one that I was praying for, really close to my neighbourhood. “Those who seek, find” can be the appropriate expression for the occasion. I was really happy to discover this farm well, its website first, a bit earlier in an attempt to get to the source of clean, organic, fresh vegetables. On the farm’s website such an offer was mentioned and I immediately contacted them. Later on, an event for the 1st of August was posted on that website, one that I couldn’t miss! Happy days, an eco-farm is organising a fun vegan brunch! And what makes the event even more wonderful, at least to me, was that this brunch was to help two sick horses, recover. How wonderful, no marketing gimmicks, just people helping animals, creating a microcosm of awesomeness!

Upon visiting the farm, I noticed how serene and happy it was, even with all those people drinking and eating happily away! Sarah, one of the farm owners was sitting at the entrance, collecting entry fees with a big smile and around her a lovely farm. People cooking, serving drinks, children and dogs playing in unison, trees everywhere and in the middle of the farm, a wonderful vegan buffet composed with home-made baked goodies, salads, tarts and pies, cold platters, vegan cheese platters and so much more. All very tasty, all very well made and with love.


Sarah seated at the entrance of the farm

Being aware of what I eat and consume has given me the benefit of doubt when it comes to consuming flesh or other animal by-products. Veganism, to me is a way to detox the body and the mind, at first; awareness of celebrating and honouring life around you is the next stage. This vegan brunch proved to me the one fact that yet so many of us are ignorant of: plant-based nutrition can be a wonderful healing modality for both humans and animals. For humans, get a chance to detox and consume wholesome, plant-based foods, and animals are in a harmonious coexistence with humans. All this sounds to idyllic to you? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Back to my vegan brunch. I filled up my plate, found a hay bale under a tree to sit and enjoy my food. I was sitting next to the area of the farm where some horses were kept. A truly relaxing way to enjoy food.


Yummy, vegan brunch


View during my brunch ❤

We got a tour of the farm, where we saw rescued animals living in harmony. Hens, horses, goats and a pig rescued from slaughter; recovering from production frenzy, hens were to lay eggs daily, for example. Perhaps some of you might say that animals are here to be consumed for we need their milk, meat, or other byproducts. Perhaps some of you might say that you can abstain from meat consumption and your conscience is at ease. Perhaps some of you might say that veganism is the answer to many environmental issues our planet is facing. For me, this farm is going to be a centre of reference, a wonderful community to be part of, a place to visit again.



Happy hens ❤


Hof Narr-A place to visit


Vegan, Organic makeup -Go ahead, be functionable!

Do you remember the feeling when you have been looking for ages for something that you thought it only existed in your mind-or even imagination and then you actually realise it exists? Like a perfect candy shop, for me discovering organic food stalls, juice bars or vegan/vegetarian places to enjoy a tasty lunch is a reward that feels like a personal victory. Educating one’s self on the benefits of a healthy, wholesome diet it is evident what needs to be avoided. Simply put: preservatives, parabens and other chemical “wonders” of our modern society are the culprits for many modern ailments that seem to spread in extreme paces. Eczema? Acne? Irritability? Hormone imbalances? Feeling sluggish without coffee or other stimulants? Then, you could be looking at the monster straight in the eyes. I call it “monster”-the toxins in general that we put daily in our bodies-when what it all actually does is erase our natural body functions keeping up prisoners in our addiction for stimulants, processed foods so we feel good and functional.

Without getting carried away with the monster story, I’d like to mention how wonderful it is to nourish our bodies with natural foods, drinks-okay the odd glass of wine or beer or even coffee doesn’t count-or even makeup as our body can assimilate everything that it recognizes. My relationship with makeup hasn’t been always rosy. Growing up, my books and studies took more space in my head than makeup. Besides, experimenting with my face and makeup was like asking me to walk naked in the streets. Slowly, I started to notice that ignoring makeup made me feel worse, helpless to be honest. Magazines, beauty counters of big makeup names treated women as inadequate of some degree. Inadequacy equals imperfection which equals to getting convinced in buying whatever they sell you. So, there it was. Makeup and me was a long-lasting relationship of resistance to the norms of the beauty industry.

My makeup collection was small, but it never crossed my mind how these products are made or what are the side-effects of daily makeup use on the skin. The more my nutrition became wholesome and organic the more curious I became in researching cosmetic brands with ethos and integrity. So they existed! And most of them far away from where I lived. Plus back then, the concept of online shopping was limited and those companies catered to their country only.

Back to the present now. I am happy to use makeup when it is vegan or cruelty-free and organic. No compromises to that. Looking always for what’s new out there for me, I discovered that I had one option: online shopping. I live in Switzerland, where the wave of vegan beauty hasn’t hit the country yet. However, when I discovered a vegan, cruelty-free makeup studio in my city, I felt like a child in a candy shop…..ah scratch that, I felt like me, all excited in a health food store!



Vegan makeup fever-creativity and experiments ❤


Sarah, owns the cutest, loveliest, vegan & organic makeup shop in town! I was there yesterday experimenting with vegan, mineral makeup which was so fun! A very inviting space with lots of beauty goodies to play with. We discussed with Sarah that the most possible reason that organic makeup is still slow here could be that the notion of organic or vegan makeup means unattractive packaging, minimal range of colours, not long-lasting power. All wrong, ladies! I had a trial makeup with all organic and vegan makeup products that lasted the whole day. That is a warm, sunny day in the city.

Another thing that makes Sarah’s shop wonderful: she is what she represents, a vegan lady who loves makeup and has skills. For me, the most important thing was that I felt comfortable during the whole makeup trial, as it was my first ever. During this beauty experiment I liked how patience, good listening skills, a warm smile and good makeup skills were the main focus. Respect for the client, I felt, was there all the time.



The Curious Mind and Sarah having fun!


And a recap: Organic makeup (for me it has to be also vegan) is the best thing for the skin. Why?

It’s toxic-free

It’s cruelty-free

It’s long-lasting

It’s more that 3 shades of foundation or lipstick

It’s functionable. Is that a word? Yes, it is!



Have you tried organic or vegan makeup products? What are your favourite ones? Share with me your experience.


Happy weekend!


-The Curious Mind






Beauty bare necessities, loving yourself and our planet at the same time

In an attempt to simplify life it is important to clear out unnecessary things that would make the clearing process easier. Life is or can be complicated and the last thing I wish to do is complicate it even further by increasing my morning and evening beauty routine. And by “beauty routine” I refer to a meditation like ritual that keeps my body and mind happy. So I’d like to introduce you to my BBN or else Beauty Bare Necessities.

As with all things, it took a while to narrow down my beauty routine to a minimal range of products that give mega boost to my overall well-being, for that’s beauty to me.  There are seven products that I absolutely adore for various reasons: they are cruelty-free, chemical-free, vegan, all natural products that are gentle to my skin, help the natural detoxification process and  have an amazing smell.


Natural Dry Shampoo


Hair: washing hair daily was never my thing. Instead I wash my hair every 2-3 days with a very gentle shampoo. My beauty bare necessity is a dry, vegan shampoo. It’s light, leaves no white traces on my hair and scalp and is so gentle as to just give a refreshing boost to the hair without drying it out. I chose a fragrance-free dry shampoo, as I prefer to smell neutral.


My little Japanese friend

My little Japanese friend

Face: Konjac Sponge the most gentle, natural cleanser for the face. This wonderful soft sponge has been my best friend for a while now. It can break down any product you wear on your face and still leave your face clean and without any irritation. It’s the best natural micropeeler I can have.


Coconut oil-organic & cold-pressed

Coconut oil-organic & cold-pressed

Coconut oil-face cloth, the first thing I started to use when I simplified my beauty routine. The rich in antioxidants coconut oil can clean the most persistent make-up or waterproof sunscreen or mascara within seconds. This oil not only cleanses from impurities and dust the skin, it also gives it important nutrients. Whether you have acne prone skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin a small amount of coconut oil massaged onto the face and then removed with a warm damp cotton cloth will clean the pores, detox the skin and moisturize it, leaving it glowing. I am raving about coconut oil so much as I have seen dramatic improvement with my on-off face dermatitis and of course a deeply moisturized skin can only be appreciated.


Vegan Sunsrcreen and Vegan Toothpaste

Vegan Sunsrcreen and Vegan Toothpaste

Vegan face sunscreen, I love the fact that there are natural products that can be used for sun protection. Switching from conventional sunscreens to a natural one was easy. Zinc oxide is the active ingredient, a physical sun blocker and a mineral in its purest form. The only thing I noticed was that I had to apply quickly and evenly the product, using a very small amount or the appearance of a few white marks would be the case. If so, massaging that are a bit longer and the white mark is gone. I chose to use a sunscreen that is paraben-free and there’s no nano technology.


Precious Nasya oil

Precious Nasya oil

Nose and Head: Nasya oil. This is so precious to me. It helps with so many things. I use it first thing when waking up and before going to bed. This special oil has so many benefits: reliefs from dryness in the nose and sinuses, nurtures sinuses and keeps bacteria responsible for colds or infections away. Also helps with headaches or insomnia. Nasya oil gives me a happy nose and a cloud-free head.


Teeth: Natural Clay toothpaste. It was not that easy to find a toothpaste that would be 100% chemical free until I started using this one. All the ingredients are from the Earth. The ingredients are just a few: purified water, clay, peppermint essential oil, menthol, sea salt and tea tree oil. This toothpaste will not foam like a conventional toothpaste. It is more like a paste that dissolves pleasantly in the mouth leaving a fresh feeling. It can cause minor tooth sensitivity due to the clay and salt that contains, but for this I add a bit of coconut oil and it is absolutely fine.


Salt Crystal, bottom left

Salt Crystal, bottom left

Body: Last but not least, I cannot be without clean, fresh underarm area. To keep it simple, I use a salt crystal. This neutralizes any bacteria in the underarm area, the real reason behind smelly armpits. It is not an antiperspirant product, they are not good for our body, and keeps me fresh for 8+ hours every day.


Zen Time

Zen Time

Mind and body: my seventh and last thing that I love and include in my beauty routine is a scented soy wax in lavender -and  in a tin that I can take with me when travelling! The essential oil of lavender released in the air when I burn this candle is wonderful, taking me in a quite space that helps me relax and start or end my day with a smile. An overall grounding experience.


What’s you beauty routine and what are your BBNs?


Love & Health-The Curious Mind



ps: this is not product placement, instead I bought and use these products based on their ingredients and how they perform.